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Delhi gang-rape: Prime suspect was part of Kiran Bedi's 'Aap Ki Kacheri'

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  • Jan 11, 2013, 18:11 PM IST
Delhi gang-rape: Prime suspect was part of Kiran Bedi's 'Aap Ki Kacheri', delhi news in English

delhi news in English

Delhi: The prime accused in the Delhi gang-rape case, Ram Singh, had appeared in Kiran Bedi's popular television show, "Aap Ki Kacheri".
Singh had tried to bully his former employee. He had sought help on the show to get compensation for injuries that he had sustained in a bus accident, show host Bedi mentioned.
Singh did not have any criminal record at the time he appeared on the show. Moreover, Bedi reportedly mentioned that it was one of those episodes where both the sides could not reach to a settlement. However, after the evidences were produced, it was realized that Singh was on the wrong side of the case.
Bedi, an accomplished former lady police officer and now an anti-corruption activist, was host of the Hindi-language programme that helped resolve civil disputes.
In that particular episode, which is available on YouTube, Singh and a bus owner who had refused his demands for compensation stood side by side at podiums as Bedi asked each man to make his case.
According to the reports, a Delhi police officer confirmed that the man in the show was Singh, one of five men charged with the brutal rape and murder of the 23 year old student whose ordeal triggered nationwide protests.
The rape victim, who had boarded the bus along with a male friend after watching a movie on December 16, died in a Singapore hospital two weeks later.
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[The video of Ram Singh's episode is available on youtube]

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