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The death of Delhi: How humanity, police, political class, law & order died

  • Bhaskar News
  • Apr 22, 2013, 12:50 PM IST
New Delhi: The horrific rape of a five-year-old girl at Gandhi Nagar in east Delhi has once again shaken the national capital.
The national outrage witnessed after the December 16 gang-rape of a medical intern in a moving bus here gave a glimmer of hope that this would be the end of violence against women. The protests promised to usher in winds of change. But, alas! It was not to be. Incidents of rapes kept on repeating with ruthless impunity.
The recent rape of the five-year-old girl shows that nothing has changed despite the sacrifice of the Delhi brave heart. 
The victim was abducted and brutally raped for over two days by a 22-year-old neighbour. She is battling for her life at AIIMS Trauma Centre.
The child was reported missing on Monday and was rescued after someone heard her crying on Wednesday. She was later admitted to Swami Dayanand Hospital.
The girl's genital area had been mutilated. A 200 ml bottle and pieces of candle were inserted into the private parts of the the girl, causing serious internal injuries and infection.
She underwent a surgery at the Swami Dayanand Hospital for removing the external objects from her body. 
The victim, whom the doctors claimed was undernourished and weighing 20 kg, was shifted to AIIMS from Swami Dayanand Hospital for treatment. The condition of the girl is said to be "critical". 
Doctors attended on her at Swami Dayanand Hospital described the incident as a "barbaric sexual assault". According to them, the injuries on the girl's body suggested that the rapist tried to strangle her and left her to die.
The incident clearly gives the message that culprists are not afraid of any law. Ironically, our politicians have also become inefficient and insensitive. After such incidents, they start indulging in blame-game and doing politics over it.
Anti-rape law has changed, but nothing has changed on the ground. It seems that law, political system and humanity no more exist in this 'civilised' society.
Let's pay our last tribute to the dead police, political system and humanity.

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