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Happy Republic Day; a time for introspection

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  • Jan 26, 2013, 06:12 AM IST

New Delhi: India was transformed into a democracy exactly 64 years ago. The Indian Constitution made Indian citizens the masters of their own fate. The Constitution aimed at creating an India where opportunities abounded, equality persisted, the meritorious encouraged, and moreover, people ruled.

Sadly, as we introspect, none of the objectives have been completely fulfilled.

Instead of people, personalities have dominated the stage, who rule according to their whims, irrespective of what voters want. The common man is well aware of the ruse of Indian politicians who come to their doorstep to only to solicit votes.

35 percent of Indian population still lives on below $2 a day, with no means and opportunities to earn their livelihood.

Instead of the able and knowledgeable being promoted and encouraged, the cronies of the political class with deplorable credentials get priority. The fact was acknowledged by Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi at the recent Jaipur meet.

The notorious Indian patriarchal society, even in urban areas, still views women as being inferior to men. Worse, even those entrusted with task of ruling us view misogynism as being completely normal. Rapes and sexual crimes have put another blot on Indian claims of equality. And, the vicious Dehi gang-rape was the hallmark of Indian inequality.

But there is still a beam of hope. Because Indian Constitution was designed to accommodate changes, as they happened with time. So old laws can always be modified to give way to better and laws more grounded in reality. Every Republic Day gives us a chance of introspecting our nation, our progress and our failures and even this time, its no different

With this note, we wish a Happy Republic Day to all Indians with hope of a better, equal and rich future.

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