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PICTURES: Actor turned politician Vani Tripathi marries Hemant Tikoo

  • Sandeep Kumar, Arun Binjola
  • Oct 19, 2013, 10:51 AM IST
vani tripathi marriage

vani tripathi marriage

New Delhi: Actor turned politician Vani Tripathi, a familiar face in the Delhi social circuit, got married to Gurgaon based corporate Hemant Tikoo on Friday.


The wedding was a traditional one. Vani is from Uttaranchal and Hemant hails from Kashmir, so a special wedding set was designed by theatre person BansiKaul. The wedding was held at Arun Jaitley's residence at 9, Ashoka Road. The reception will take place on October 19 at a hotel in Delhi.


Senior politicians, heads of corporates, actors and directors from Bollywood and theatre groups, artistes and other from the social circuit attended the marriage ceremony.


BJP leader LK Advani, BJP President Rajnath Singh, and Congress senior leader Rajeev Shukla were also present at the ceremony.



Photojournalist: Bhupinder Singh

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