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SHOCKING CCTV footage: After Delhi Metro, couples caught making love inside ATM centres

  • Bhaskar News
  • Oct 08, 2013, 09:33 AM IST

New Delhi:Recently video footage showing lovers getting intimate and making love inside Delhi Metro train hit the headlines. But, it appears, this is just the beginning as couples seems to be getting desperate to share private movements with each other. Now, CCTV footage has revealed that couples use ATM centres and cabins to make love.


This footage is released by the police to alarm the citizens especially the younger generation and deter them from indulging in this kind of behaviour.



Surprisingly, this is not an isolated incident confined to only one or two ATM centres. According to our sources, this is happening all over India and nothing much has been done to check this menace.


Actually, ATM centres are fitted with ACs which requires black sheet on the door-glass to help maintain low temperature inside the cabin. This provides youngsters the privacy to get intimate in a cool and comfortable place.



According to our sources, in some cases, ATM guards charge money to gift these private movements to youngsters. All they have to do it put a board outside the ATM door--ATM OUT OF ORDER. Now, guard sits outside, keeps the vigil and couples make the most of these movements.



This is a shocking trend and a real nuisance to public at large, believe many people who are looking into this matter.

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