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What is Geetika Sharma suicide case all about?

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  • Feb 16, 2013, 21:04 PM IST
What is Geetika Sharma suicide case all about?

New Delhi: Gopal Goyal Kanda launched MDLR Airlines in 2007. The initials were those of his father, Murli Dhar, and son, Lakh Ram. MDLR shut down in 2009 and in October 2010 became a part of Emirates Airlines.

Geetika Sharma, a former air hostess with MDLR, committed suicide on 5 August 2012 and in her suicide note she accused Kanda of harassment. Allegations have been made that before her suicide Kanda sent a letter to Emirates saying that she had been a poor employee and had defaulted on a loan, and her family said that he had sent her threatening e-mails using several identities.

Kanda denied allegations and stated that he had encouraged Sharma by sponsoring her on an MBA course. He also said "She was also made the chairman of the trust which managed an international school at Sirsa."

After Geetika Sharma committed suicide and blamed the step on Haryana minister, Kanda resigned from the post of home minister in Haryana. Delhi Police, later booked Kanda for abetting Sharma’s suicide.

Geetika had written two suicide notes in which she had alleged that Gopal Goyal was having an illicit relationship with another woman Ankita with whom he has a child.

On 7 August 2012,  a TV channel published the suicide note that Geetika wrote before she committed suicide.

The 23-year-old victim had said that she was ending her life due to "harassment" by Gopal Kanda and Aruna Chaddha.

Later Delhi Police chargesheeted the duo for allegedly committing offences under section 306 (abetment to suicide), 120 B (criminal conspiracy), 506 (criminal intimidation), 201 (destruction of evidence), 467 (forgery of valuable security), 468 (forgery with intention to cheat), 469 (forgery with intention to harm reputation) and 471 (using forged documents as genuine) of the Indian Penal Code.

The Police filed a second chargesheet after three months after the main chargesheet was filed against Kanda and Aruna Chaddha in October 2012. The chargesheet said that at the instance of Kanda and Chaddha, Chanshivroop went to Dubai under the garb of investigating the issue of forged NoC furnished by Geetika to ensure she is removed from her job with Emirates Airlines.

On 15 February 2013, Geetika Sharma’s mother Anuradha Sharma also committed suicide at her Ashok Vihar residence in New Delhi. Unlike Geetika Sharma, no suicide note has been found from her residence as of now.


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    What is Geetika Sharma suicide case all about?

    Kanda wanted to take Geetika to Dubai for 'sexual exploitation'

    The Delhi Police had earlier told a trial court that former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda had tried to get back airhostess Geetika Sharma to his fold from Emirates Airlines with the intention of sexually exploiting her.

    In a supplementary chargesheet submitted against Kanda's aide Chanshivroop Singh before the court of Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate D K Jangala, the police said that "the facts emerged against Chanshivroop during investigations. Kanda and his accomplice Aruna Chaddha tried to get back Geetika from Emirates Airlines with the ulterior motive of sexually exploiting her".

    "When Geetika refused to come back to India and join MDLR Airlines (floated by Kanda), Kanda used other nefarious tactics to mount pressure on her," said the chargesheet.

    "In pursuance of criminal conspiracy, Kanda and Chaddha appointed Chanshivroop Singh as assisstant HR manager in MDLR group with the sole objective of ensuring that Geetika remained under the control of Kanda," it said.

    "Chanshivroop went to Dubai to compel Geetika to resign from Emirates Airlines and created fake e-mail ID for sending documents given by Kanda. Investigation discloses that accused Chanshivroop joined the conspiracy (hatched by co-accused Kanda and Aruna Chaddha) and committed offences under section 471 IPC (using forged documents as genuine) and 66A IT Act (sending false messages). It is requested that he be summoned to face the trial," the chargesheet said.

    The chargesheet was filed after three months after the main chargesheet was filed against Kanda and Aruna Chaddha in October 2012. The chargesheet said that at the instance of Kanda and Chaddha, Chanshivroop went to Dubai under the garb of investigating the issue of forged NoC furnished by Geetika to ensure she is removed from her job with Emirates Airlines.

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    What is Geetika Sharma suicide case all about?

    Shameless comment by Haryana minister: Called Geetika ‘servant’ of Gopal Kanda

    Haryana minister Shiv Charan Sharma was at the centre of a controversy after calling suicide victim Geetika Sharma a "servant" of his former ministerial colleague Gopal Kanda who is the prime accused in the case.

    Sharma, the minister for labour and employment also said that the case in which Kanda has been booked is not "such a big" one. He came under fire from BJP and women's bodies who described the remark as insensitive, insulting and shameful. Geetika's brother Ankit demanded an apology from the minister.

    "This isn't such a big case. He (Kanda) appointed her (Geetika) as a servant by mistake," Sharma, a Congress leader, said referring to the Geetika suicide case while participating in jailed Kanda's birthday celebrations organised by his supporters on December 29. Geetika was an employee of the now defunct MDLR airline owned by Kanda.

    Sharma later sought to downplay the controversy saying the Kanda case is in the court.

    "I respect the court and court will decide whether he is a convict or not. If he has committed a crime, court will charge him otherwise he will be released. CBI is investigating the case. Within few days we will get the result of the investigation," he added.

    Sharma had also said Kanda is a brave and honest person who has been falsely implicated by those who are jealous of his "phenomenal" growth in life.


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    What is Geetika Sharma suicide case all about?

    Geetika Sharma suicide: Nupur Mehta shared ‘close relation’ with Ankita

    Delhi Police had questioned actor Nupur Mehta in Mumbai in connection with the Geetika Sharma suicide case. Mehta was said to have spilled the beans on the main accused in the case – Gopal Goyal Kanda.

    Police had questioned Nupur mainly about the character of the former Haryana minister, and Ankita Singh. Nupur has told police about Geetika’s personal life as well as the attitude of Kanda towards his other female employees.

    However, Nupur denied that Kanda misbehaved with her. She also asserted that she had a professional relationship with Kanda. Nupur also told police that Geetika was aged 17 when she joined MDLR.

    As Geetika was underage, Nupur refused her application but Kanda instructed her to hire Geetika, Nupur told police. Kanda was watching the CCTV footage of the interview when he instructed Nupur to hire Geetika despite being underage.

    Nupur Mehta was asked to highlight the relationships and involvement of Aruna Chaddha, Ankita and Kanda. Mehta said she shared a close relation with Ankita and the two also discussed personal problems. Ankita and Nupur had a fight with Geetika over seeing the latter’s passport, Nupur had claimed. 

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    What is Geetika Sharma suicide case all about?

    'Kanda preferred gorgeous women'

    Nupur Mehta had revealed in an interview to Millennium Post that Kanda preferred surrounded by gorgeous women and it was the responsibility of Aruna Chaddha, (co-accused in Geetika's suicide) to supply him the females who were a blend of beauty.

    Nupur Mehta was a vice-president of now defunct MDLR Airlines, an aviation company floated by Kanda who is now main accused Geetika Sharma's suicide case. She had joined MDLR Airlines as a communications officer in 2006 and left after the airlines went bust.

    Nupur worked in Mint Cruise Casino in 2009-2010 which was bought by Kanda's MDLR Group. Nupur claimed she left because Kanda was "unprofessional".

    Nupur is a Bollywood actress whose name first surfaced after she named in a match-fixing and spot-fixing scandal.

    Mehta had claimed that Aruna Chadha used to make such contracts where the girls had to directly report Kanda after work. "With the help of this contract, Kanda got the benefit of spending quality time with them," Mehta revealed.

    According to Mehta, Kanda used to give expensive gifts to the women who surrounded him. Some received pets from him, some got perfumes or diamonds.

    Earlier, the Delhi Police had revealed that the 60 airhostesses hired by now defunct MDLR Airlines of former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda were made to attend his political rallies in Haryana.

    According to police, several airhostesses had claimed that attending the rallies was an unwritten rule.


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    What is Geetika Sharma suicide case all about?

    'Playboy Kanda likes sexy girls'

    The suicide saga of airhostess Geetika Sharma turned complicated with new revelations every now and then.

    Former Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda during his interrogation reportedly said that he had gifted a 500-sq yard flat in Gurgaon to Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta.

    Kanda's startling revelations had come days after Nupur claimed that the Kanda-owned MDLR airlines and casino employed a number of beautiful girls since the Haryana strongmen was interested in sexy women.

    Nupur stayed in the flat during her stint with MDLR Airlines but was evicted  from the house in Sector 31 after she left Kanda 2009.

    Police sources were quoted as saying that Kanda forced her to sign the property documents. However, Nupur denied of getting any flat as a 'gift' from Kanda.

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