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5 best vodkas of the world

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  • Feb 19, 2013, 16:09 PM IST
5 best vodkas of the world

The moment you enter a party, your eyes start looking for the one drink that is going to make your night! If you are a die-hard vodka fan then you are in for a treat as presented below is a list of the best 5 vodkas available in the world.

Traditionally prepared vodkas must have an alcoholic content of 40% and anything with less than 30 % alcohol in the US is not counted as vodka.

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    5 best vodkas of the world




    It’s a premium pure grain vodka (40% alcohol) batch distilled and filtered three times in a copper pot for its brilliant taste. It is also the world’s first ever sparkling vodka.  

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    5 best vodkas of the world



    A brand that comes from the United Kingdom is a combination of the colour black and vodka. The colour comes from a herb called Catechu and does nothing to the flavor of the drink.  

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    5 best vodkas of the world



    The very first bottle of Chase vodka was made in April 2008 and took two years to make. The vodka is made using traditional methods and is really smooth. It was voted the best Vodka by San Francisco world spirits competition 2012.   

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    5 best vodkas of the world



     Black raspberry liquer is made from red and black raspberries, using all natural ingredients. It is the most known for its blackberry flavours.

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    5 best vodkas of the world

    Hero of Chinggis


    This vodka is of such grade that its name itself was taken from the hero Genghis Hahn. 38% alcohol, this vodka is made of fermenting milk. 

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