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4-yr format: DU offers 11 foundation courses

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  • Apr 27, 2013, 00:01 AM IST
4-yr format: DU offers 11 foundation courses, education news in English

education news in English

With the objective of doing away with the culture of rote learning, Delhi University has designed 11 foundation papers under the four-year undergraduate programme, to be introduced in July.

Distributed over two years, these foundation courses will emphasise on 'hands-on training' through projects and practical work. Subjects like information technology; governance and citizenship; science and life; psychology communication and life skills; environment and public health; and language papers will be offered as foundation papers.

University officials said, the trans-disciplinary nature of the courses will make it necessary for teachers from various disciplines to be part of curriculum formation.

"The courses are almost ready but it will have to be approved by the statutory bodies of the university," a university official said.

Teachers opposing the four-year format have questioned the need for the foundation papers, which they feel are school-level courses. However, teachers associated with the making of these papers refute this claim.

"Issues relating to urbanisation, public health, rural economy, trade and other challenges that the country faces will form a part of the foundation papers. Such topics are not taught to students of every undergraduate programme as of now," a university official said.

Students will be divided in two groups to study the foundation papers, the official said.

Talking about a paper on 'building mathematical ability', a teacher involved in developing the course said, "It is designed to provide a hands-on exposure to gain insight into the world of data, for building models and for providing a glimpse into the world of numbers."

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