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CBSE to introduce Theatre Studies from 2013-14

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  • Apr 27, 2013, 00:01 AM IST
CBSE to introduce Theatre Studies from 2013-14, education news in English

education news in English

With the view that theatre can play an important role in reinforcing and furthering the learning of other academic subjects which are taught in conventional ways, the CBSE plans to introduce "Theatre Studies" as a pilot course on first come first served basis to CBSE affiliated schools in class XI from the current academic session 2013-2014.

Theatre Studies will be e offered as an elective subject with any combination of three other electives and a language. It will have a 70 marks theory paper with 30 marks for casestudy based project and viva voce.

The course will expose students to a wide range of theatrical forms and genres especially those of their immediate cultural region, and also of the larger national and international contexts. Students will be taught about the evolution of theatre from the earliest times to the present day and about the social purposes it served. Students will also be taught a wide range of theatre skills like performing, directing, designing, writing, fabrication (masks, costumes, props, stagesettings), productions work (planning, budgeting, printing, publicity) and would have the option to ultimately specialize in one or more of them.

With the introduction of this elective, the CBSE aims to make its students more self-reliant and independent as well as encourage creative thinking among them.


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