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Considering Nursing as a career? Know everything about it here.

  • Ashok Jain
  • Jun 13, 2013, 00:01 AM IST
Considering Nursing as a career? Know everything about it here., education news in English

education news in English

Nursing discipline as a career is rich in opportunities and variety. Entering nursing profession gives one enormous opportunities to work in different settings like hospitals, nursing homes, health centres, private practice, schools, colleges, universities, government agencies, professional associations, insurance agencies, industries etc.


Nursing is a scientifically rigorous discipline It is associated with the patient safety and quality of care which requires a set amount of training. There are  various educational programmes running in India  in nursing like diploma courses (GNM), degree courses,  or  Baccalaureate courses, BSc Nursing , both basic degree of 4 years and post certificate or post –basic degree of two years, the master’s courses like MSc Nursing , M.Phil and PhD. degree in nursing.


Upon successful completion of Diploma/Baccalaureate programme in nursing, a wide range of employment opportunities are available within hospitals and community settings as a:


·         Nurse Specialist

·         Nurse Manager

·         Public Health Nurse

·         School Health Nurse

·         Family Health Nurse

·         Nurse practitioner

·         Occupational Health Nurse

·         Travel Nurse

·         Tele Space Nurse etc



Nurses work in a range of settings all over the world, for example:


·         Hospitals and communities

·         Department of Health and Children

·         Health Insurance Agencies

·         Health promotion

·         Medical representatives

·         Occupational health nurses in industry

·         Public Health Nurses

·         Palliative Care nurses in hospices and community

·         GP practices

·         Universities

·         Unions and Professional Organization


For better prospects and  betterment in nursing profession, all diploma nurses and Bsc Nurses go for higher studies which get them better pay scale, better opportunities and new learning so that they can  meet societal needs.


There is demand for registered nurses with advanced degrees like MSc. nursing, this gives tremendous boost to future of nursing. After completing a master’s in nursing degree, one can pick professional interests, medical knowledge and clinical skills as one leads and mentors the next generation of nurses. A master’s in nursing offers such prestigious jobs as chief nursing officer (CNO), nurse administrator, clinical nurse educator or director of education, Nursing Lecturer, Assistant Nursing Superintendent, Clinical Nurse Educator or Chief Nursing Officer. Both, Master’s and Doctoral Level students are expected to achieve higher status, professional growth, knowledge skill,  autonomy in practice, increased self esteem,  and  a sense of  personal achievement as a result of additional,  education.


Nightingale Institute of Nursing, Noida


Nightingale Institute of Nursing, Noida was established in September 2003 to meet the ever-growing demand for trained professional nurses for health care. The nursing programs are approved by Indian Nursing Council; U.P. Medical Faculty, Government of Uttar Pradesh. The Institute is affiliated to Choudhary Charan Singh University. Meerut. The Institute closely works with many super specialty hospitals like. Northern Railway Central Hospital New Delhi, Fortis Hospital Noida, Metro Hospital Noida, Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital New Delhi, IHBAS Delhi, and other health care agencies such as District Hospital and Primary Health Centre.


Nightingale Institute of Nursing is


·         Where only nursing courses are offered.

·         Where value added education and its translation for social good is the main aim of life

·         Where students get crystal clear vision to become professionals and sensitive nurses and inculcate a sense of pride to serve mankind.

·         Where it is possible to generate new ideas and converting those into reality.

·         Where students get guidance in right direction to progress on the career highway with less friction and uncertainty.

·         Where there is a cooperative and caring relationship between staff and students, which fosters a positive environment for students to learn, develop and grow

·         Where there is campus placements from all renowed Hospitals in Delhi and NCR

·         Where education loans are available from financial institutes/banks for eligible candidates.


Students at Nightingale Institute of Nursing receive training in state-of-the-art knowledge from a distinguished faculty members, as well as from many visiting expert clinical preceptors in Delhi, NCR area. The graduates, who will lead nursing in the next century, are prepared to work in community, hospitals and related settings, in private health care centers and in collaborative practices with physicians.


The faculty members of the Institute are experienced nursing professionals who hold academic degree like B.Sc. Nursing, M.Sc. Nursing and M.Phil and participate in different professional organizations at the local, state and national levels. In addition, they have held clinical, research and administrative positions in a variety of health care agencies. All modern audio-visual aids including OHP, LCD Projector, Computers, world's top class films on nursing education etc, are used in teaching-learning process.


The writer, Ashok Jain is the President of Nightingale Institute of Nursing, Noida.



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