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Manovikas IGNOU community college celebrates convocation ceremony

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  • Jan 14, 2013, 15:21 PM IST
Manovikas IGNOU community college celebrates convocation ceremony, education news in English

education news in English

New Delhi: Manovikas IGNOU Community College, the first of its kind college for persons with developmental delays in India, celebrated its first Convocation Ceremony on January at India International Centre, in the capital, where 31 students were awarded with certificates in Vocational Training from IGNOU in their respective courses.

Ceremony was inaugurated with a special Vandana which had all religions in it. Further the programme was initiated with Felicitation of Chief guest Arvinder Singh Lovely Revenue Minster Delhi Government and the Special Guest Stuti Narain Kacker, IAS, Secretary, Disability Division, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Guests of Honour were Poonam Natrajan,Chairperson, National Trust, G Narayan Rao, Chairman and Managing Director, ALIMCO and NHFDC, Chris Sims, Manipal Global, City & Guilds, Padma Shri Uma Tuli former Chief Commissioner of Disability GOI, Aruna Dalmaia founder Chair of Akshay Pratishthan and P R Ramanujam, Pro Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU on the dias. They encouraged the special students and their parents by their prestigious presence on the Convocation Ceremony.

Vikram Dutt, Chairperson, Manovikas IGNOU Community College in his welcome speech said, “Disability is associated with the persons who are deceived all the time and could never be independent on their own. It is due to the negligence faced by them from the society. Government should become more supportive and active in providing valued opportunities with the disability sections.” Respect is achieved through learning, activities, social skills by being good at what you do, by conducting yourself professionally and above all, by having the capacity to earn in the bazaar that is LIFE! So at Manovikas we pondered long and researched what courses of study to adopt and then pursue that would enable every disable person passing through our portals to meet these goals”.

Speaking on the occasion, Arvinder Singh Lovely, the Honourable Revenue Minister, Delhi State wished goodluck to the students and blessed them for their future. He mentioned that during his tenure in tourism Ministry he could see the positive changes occurred in Dilli Haat a disabled friendly place.Ms Uma Tuli, Is doing a great job and he even congratulated Mr. Vikram Dutt for the steps taken towards disabled students. He recalled the days when he was Education minister and had tried to take steps towards it and encourage students to look beyond the failure. Mr. Lovely had served his contributions in public services since last nineteen years but this is the first time ever he he is attending such a convocation. Manovikas in the only educational institute that has been able to promote the aim targeted in a right direction.

Adding to this prestigious ceremony, Mr. Arvinder Singh Lovely also said that Manovikas is doing a better task than government. He was delighted to be a part of this Convocation ceremony and shared warm and heartily congratulations to the parents and students.

Alok Kumar Bhuwan, Founder Managing Secretary, Manovikas sharing his journey said “It’s a beginning for higher education initiative for person with developmental disability through Manovikas Ignou Community College and we have a long way to develop many more colleges in the country”.

After the award distribution, Mrs. Stuti Kacker in her speech Congratulated IGNOU, to felicitate such a kind of certification to the students.

It is all about understanding the right involvement at right time. In India the students aspire to get the Graduation gown and the cap more than the degree and holding the degree with a cap is the most highlighted moment of one’s life. According to her even the diploma holders wish to get the degree.

Her only concerned laid around the economic development. Economic environment leads to self esteem. She shared her experience saying that there is so much around us we tend to ignore the important part of life. The ample of information could be consolidated. It is our duty to reach out to the concerned sectors and educate the parents who are living with the kids that are disabled. Therefore, it is appreciable that IGNOU has taken the very first step towards their encouragement.

So, let’s all wish them luck and grant each individual the gift of independent living. Guest of Honour Mrs. Poonam Natarajan and other Guests released the souvenir published on this auspicious occasion of 1st Convocation of Manovikas Community College.

She responded positively to a suggestion that the 3% reservation of government jobs should now also be extended to those with developmental delays. She  promised to  examine the issue at the governmental level. So far it is  limited to 1% each for visual, hearing and physically handicapped.

The Graduation Ceremony was an emotional moment for the family members of the students as their loved ones went on stage to receive their certificates. The ceremonial hat toss marked the finale of their Vocational programme at the Manovikas IGNOU Community College.


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