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OMG: Students of Delhi University stunned Aamir Khan

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  • Feb 21, 2013, 00:01 AM IST
OMG: Students of Delhi University stunned Aamir Khan

Delhi University was in absolute excitement yesterday. But there was more reason for the students of  Janki Devi College to be happy.

The women college students were visited by British Prime Minister David Cameron and Aamir Khan.  They had visited the college to deliver an address.

And when the guests finally arrived, the crowd of around 300 students erupted in cheers.

Addressing the students David Cameron said, for women to be safe and equally respected as men ijn the society, the thinking of the entire society has to change. Aamir khan added that for male-female ratio to improve, killing of female feticide needs to end from the minds of the people first.

The guests who visited the college with DU vice-chancellor, Dinesh Singh stayed and interacted with students for about 45 minutes.

Cameron, dressed in a blue suit, and Khan, clad in a sweatshirt and a black blazer, fielded questions from students on the bias against women. Cameron and Khan smiled all along, answering each of their questions.

While the major topic of discussion was on women and their safety and respect in the society, there were several other things too that were discussed between Aamir Khan and students. They talked about new career opportunities and there were some instances of jokes as well.

However, one demand of 300 women students stunned Khan.

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    OMG: Students of Delhi University stunned Aamir Khan

During their talk, the girls demanded Khan and Cameron to sit in the crowd among students and carry forward the discussion. Khan and Cameron had no option but to accept their demand and soon they were in the crowd.


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