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Seven tips to improve your memory

  • Dailybhaskar.com
  • Oct 24, 2012, 16:32 PM IST
In today’s era of multi-tasking, memory has become extremely crucial. If you follow some easy tips, you will be able to recall all that you want. 
1.Focus on the work at hand
It is the era of multi-tasking, but if we concentrate on one work that is important and needs to be remembered, the brain registers it better. For your brain to register and record things, avoid multi-tasking. 
2.Relate new information to things you already know
When you relate to things, it is easier to remember them. Try building a relation between existing memories and new ideas. 
3.Teach new things to others
When you take the effort of explaining things to others, your brain registers the information well and this helps in memorising. Trainers and psychologists believe that teaching also helps one understand things better. 
4.Involve maximum of your senses
When you begin registering things with all your sensory organs, viz smell, eyes, touch – the brain gets more channels to memorise them. 
For example, while meeting a new person, look in their eyes and repeat their name. Also offer a handshake. This way you use four out of five senses and studies suggest that this helps in better memorization.
5.Have regular study sessions
Instead of cramming your subjects, study your materials several times in regular sessions. 
6.Divide information in parts
Dividing large pieces of information in smaller parts helps memorizing it better. Chunk the information in small individual parts and memorise them. 
7.Avoid running after everyone’s ways
People are different and so are their brains. There is a different way each person’s brain registers information. One way of memorsing does not help everyone. Just follow the broader guidelines but stick to your own way of memorizing.
While it helps some to write things, others may memorise by listening to the information so they can record and listen to it over and over again.


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