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PHOTOS: Shah Rukh Khan prefers sports over acting

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Being the owner of the IPL Team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Shah Rukh Khan has started to support sports education.

In his recent statement, the king of romance has said that sports education is highly important and parents should consider it as a good profession and educate their children about hoe games can be a viable career option for them.

During the launch of Toyota university cricket championship held on January 17, he said, “Parents will always be wary of sports as a profession and I don’t see why they should not be. Parents will have to see that there is a job opportunity here.”

SRK being a sports lover himself advises parents to know that sports can be a good salary job. According to SRK, since he is good at sports, like cricket and love Hockey the best in the world, he would like to be the brand ambassador of any sport in the country.

Other than cricket, King Khan also wants to encourage football in India.