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Bigg Boss 7: Tonight Tanisha, Gauhar, Elli will dance away to glory

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  • Sep 22, 2013, 17:54 PM IST

Bigg Boss 7's first Sunday is going to be as glamorous as it could. There will be a dance competition in between Jahannum and Jannat wasis where VJ Andy and Tanisha will compete with Kushal, Elli and Gauhar. Kajol's sister Tanisha will set the temperature soaring with her latkas and jhatkas and so will Gauhar and Elli.  

Also, after Hazel Keech became the first contestant to get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house, Salman will invite her on stage and will ask her to crown the Angel and Devil of the week. While Shilpa is chosen to be the Angel and is crowned with a halo, Kushaal is crowned the ‘bad boy’ devil with horns.

Here is a sneak peek in Bigg Boss house before the actual telecast.
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