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Comedy Nights with Kapil: Gini Chatrath opens up about her relationship with Kapil Sharma

  • Nishant A Bhuse
  • Oct 22, 2013, 11:06 AM IST

Comedian Kapil Sharma is swiftly climbing the ladders of success.  His show Comedy Nights with Kapil, which is inspired from the popular British show The Kumar's at No.42, has become the India's highest rated non-fiction TV show.


Now it seems like the star comedian has found his dream girl too.  If sources are to be believed, the lucky lady who stole the comedian’s heart is a Jalandhar based Bhavneet Chatrath, also known as Ginni.


Kapil and Gini appeared together in the comedy show Hans Baliye. Though, they have known each other since college days, the couple fell in love on the sets of Hans Baliye. Reportedly, Kapil used to direct Bhavneet in many college projects and ever since they have been in touch.


So far the couple has managed to keep their relationship secret. But the truth came out recently when Bhavneet admitted of being in a relationship with Kapil while chatting with a friend (Meenakshi Mahendru) on facebook.


It all started when Bhavneet posted on her facebook timeline,“Kapil Sharma- The allure of your comedy is so strong that people can’t resist to watch CNWK”. To this, Bhavneet’s friend Meenaxi Mehendru replied, “ And he is so handsome too, and you never told me you are so lucky girl ( sic)”. Another friend ( Prabhjot Kaur) commented, “ Bilkul, God bless you both.”   


Throwing caution to the wind, Bhavneet winked, apparently admitting to their little known relationship. Sources close to Kapil claimed, “ he is engaged to Ginni and is most likely to get married to her after Comedy Nights with Kapil completes 36 episodes”.


To confirm the news, we caught up with Kapil on the sets of his show. Surprised at the mention of his engagement, Kapil said: “I am not engaged to anyone. I don’t know where these rumours are coming from. At the moment, I am only focusing on my show. I will definitely get married, but not now.” 

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