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Kapil Sharma Announcing His Lady Love Was a Plan; Read to know more…

  • Nishat Shamsi
  • Mar 19, 2017, 14:31 PM IST
Kapil Sharma Announcing His Lady Love Was a Plan; Read to know more…
Believe it or not! Kapil Sharma announcing his lady love on his social account was a planned affair. If our sources are too believed, Kapil was very much aware that his fight with Sunil Grover in Air India flight would make a negative headline. And to avoid this, Kapil announced his engagement to Ginni Chatrath on the same day.
However, things did not work out according to his plan. Just few hours later, Kapil’s misbehaviour with Sunil Grover made a headline. According to the flight attendant, “Kapil and his team were travelling from Australia to Mumbai via Delhi when this incident took place. When Kapil entered the flight, he was not in a good mood. In fact, he also misbehaved with his passenger fans including a nine year old girl. Not only with Sunil Grover, Kapil also misbehaved with his other co-star Chandan Prabhakar.”
Elaborating more on the incident, the flight attendant further added, “Kapil was already drunk before he boarded the flight. He kept asking for more and more drink and he lost his control after few drinks. First, he abused his co-star Chandan Prabhakar and then Sunil Grover. He abused Sunil saying that his show was a flop show. He physically assaulted him too. The passengers who witnessed this incident also asked to emergency landing. But then, Kapil’s team members took control of the whole incident.”
Surprisingly, Preeti Simoes, creative head of K9 Production also posted a picture of Kapil Sharma on her social networking site. Seems like, all is not well between Preeti and Kapil Sharma.
Reportedly, Sunil Grover has decided to quit the show, but nothing has been confirmed yet.


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