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Shocking: Tanisha's family - Tanuja, Kajol, Ajay Devgn don't support her Bigg Boss 7 stint?

  • Manisha Mandal
  • Nov 22, 2013, 14:38 PM IST

Unlike other Bigg Boss housemates, Tanisha Mukherji hails from a well-known Bollywood parivaar.Her mother Tanuja is a veteran actress - one of the most popular of her times. Her sister Kajol is a popular actress, with many blockbusters and even the cult DDLJ to her credit. Add to this list, her brother-in-law and Kajol's husband - Ajay Devgn, inarguably one of the powerful actors in the film industry. Apart from a short Bollywood career, this is precisely Tanisha's claim to fame. But surprisingly, nobody from her family is ready to comment regarding her Bigg Boss innings so far. Past few weeks, all the three known faces of her family have been avoiding all media queries regarding Tanisha and Bigg Boss. And now, a statement, allegedly posted by Armaan's manager, has shocked one and all (see the screen grab).   

Needless to say, Tanuja is the one being bombarded with the maximum questions from the press regarding her younger daughter's behaviour on the reality show. And ever since rumours of Tanisha and Armaan being apparently caught unclothed and in a compromising situation, Dailybhaskar too made an attempt to get in touch with Tanuja for a reaction. An agitated Tanuja burst out in the telephonic conversation, denying to pass any comments. All we got was a blunt "I don't want to talk anything about it. No comments." However, she was caught off guard at a press conference. And her reaction did not come as a surprise. 
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