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Agneepath director’s next Is The Immortals Of Meluha,Sanjay Dutt to star

  • Subhash K Jha
  • Dec 18, 2012, 11:55 AM IST
Agneepath director’s next Is The Immortals Of Meluha,Sanjay Dutt  to star,  entertainment»bollywood news in English

entertainment»bollywood news in English

After the 'Agneepath' remake which is arguably the most successful film Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions has ever produced, director Karan Malhotra is on to his next project. And we have it from very reliable sources at Dharma that producer Karan Johar has asked Karan Malhotra to helm the screen adaptation of Amish Tripathi’s bestselling quasi-mythological epic novel 'The Immortals Of Meluha'.

Karan Johar who was deeply impressed by the novel purchased its filming rights earlier this year.He was on the look-out for a director from the Dharma group to take charge of this epic production.

“But most of Karan Johar’s directors make rom-coms.None fitted the bill from the Dharma stable, except Karan Malhotra who effectively revealed a flair for flamboyant epic storytelling in 'Agneepath'. Karan Johar was adamant that Karan Malhotra take responsibility to do 'The Immortals  Of Meluha.”

 But Karan Malhotra had a completely different idea on what he wanted to do next.It took a lot of persuasion. But Karan Malhotra has finally agreed to direct a screen version of 'The Immortals Of  Meluha.'

Apparently Karan Malhotra has decided to cast Sanjay Dutt in the pivotal role of  Shiva.

Says our source, “After the larger-than-life villain in 'Agneepath' Karan Malhotra thinks Sanjay Dutt as Shiva would be a challenge, to the director and the actor.”



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