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Asha Bhosle takes a dig at Salman Khan’s songs

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  • Jan 31, 2013, 16:05 PM IST
Asha Bhosle takes a dig at Salman Khan’s songs,  entertainment»bollywood news in English

entertainment»bollywood news in English

Asha Bhosle is all set for her Bollywood debut. The singer, who has entertained the masses with her voice for years, will now be seen on the silverscreen sharing space with Anupam Kher, Ram Kapoor and Padmini Kolhapure in 'Mai'.

In an exclusive chat with Dailybhaskar.com, Asha talks about acting debut and songs of today’s time.

What made you venture into acting?

I have no tension, I believe in doing my work and leaving everything on god. This film will teach you a lot. Common people will learn how to adjust in life and if they fail to do so, their families can’t run. Adjustments are necessary; it can be from the boy or his wife. A girl who comes after marriage should not forget that her brother’s wife is also there and she will behave in the same way. So both the things are inter related. The way my mother kept us united as a family, I’m doing the same thing. My sister has also kept all of united. She is the eldest and she has made sure that we all stay together. We make sure that if someone is sick we shouldn’t laugh. In the same way if we see a mad man on streets we shouldn’t laugh; on the other hand think what the person’s problem is. It’s god who has made him like that, he didn’t do anything purposely.  Instead of laughing we should help that person.

What is the message of the film?

The film has a message to give and will help you learn something good. This was the only reason why I took up this film. I didn’t wanted to do but later I did and realized that by this I will be able to teach something good to people. We are not promoting Munnis’ dance. In the film you won’t get sleazy scenes. Agar aurat paani mein bhegi hai tho pure kapdon mein bhegi hai. Today what are we giving our kids? We need to understand if we are giving anything good to them or no.  Nowadays ‘Shela ki Jawani’ and ‘photo chipkade’ these words are sung by kids. Is our culture telling us to do all this? I would ask the parents will they want their kids to sing such songs or they want them to respect elders and learn good things. Also, people say that a woman is of no use but in this film we have showed how a girl is important and what role she plays in everyone’s life.

Who in the family encouraged you for taking up this film?

My son sees all my work; he encouraged me to do it. I had also asked Varsha (Asha’s daughter who is no more), she told me that we have always been in singing and drama. She was very confident that I will do this role very convincingly.  But there was one thing that bothered me and her alot was that my voice is younger than my age which could affect my character. Later, I worked on it and kept in mind that I have to tell a dialogue at a particular pitch.

What you have to say about Padmini Kolhapure?

I felt good of working with such a good actress. She is like family I didn’t feel scared of her. I was only scared of Kher saab. When he came for his scene, I really got scared and had one thought in mind that he is such a big actor and I have to say dialogues. That was a little difficult but it all went well. The other thing which I felt was a little difficult was the rain sequence where they were putting cold water on us which I didn’t like. But I stood in that water and danced. I have fought in this film, ran and also did one stunt.  

Has anyone from the industry seen the film?

Bachchan saab told me that he will surely see the film.

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