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At Jiah Khan’s cremation, Aditya Pancholi made to pay for his rash act

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  • Jun 06, 2013, 05:11 AM IST
Mumbai:Known for his choleric attitude, actor Aditya Pancholi got into a heated argument with journalists at Santa Cruz cemetery on Thursday after he accidently smashed his car into a tripod stand which had been placed near the parking space. Aditya reportedly arrived at the venue with his son Suraj and daughter Sana. 
According to an eyewitness, instead of apologising after his ‘rash driving’, Aditya instead abused the journalist which in turn prompted shouts of disapproval from others. After an acrimonious exchange, Aditya finally had to concede and recompense the journalist fro damaging his stand.
Ealier, Aditya’s son Suraj had been summoned at Juhu police station after it emerged that he was the last person who Jiah spoke to before committing suicide at before 11:30 pm on June 3. Both were said to be in a 'volatile' relationship. The volatile Nishabd actor, it is said, was going through an emotionally turbulent phase, owing to her ‘emotional and financial difficulties’.  

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