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Bigg Boss 6: 'Bigg Boss is like a zoo'

  • Binita Ramchandani
  • Oct 13, 2012, 14:53 PM IST
Bigg Boss 6: 'Bigg Boss is like a zoo',  entertainment»tv news in English

entertainment»tv news in English

Well it's not we who are saying this; it’s the Dabangg Khan’s statement, after flagging off the Bigg Boss Bus tour. While interacting with the media, Salman seemed to be quite excited about this unique concept of Bigg Boss tour. For the people who can view contestant, he said, “This looks like a zoo, this will be a big entertainment factor for the viewers and they will get a glimpse of the house first hand.”

When asked Salman about which animal does he identifies with , he laughs and the media journalist ends up calling him a tiger , to which he nods and smiles .

Lastly, Salman being a smart guy as always, ended up saying that it was just for fun that he said ‘Bigg Boss’ is a Zoo. Laughing off he also explained the difference between the Zoo and ‘Bigg Boss’ that in Zoo you don’t find a refrigerator and a locker, but in ‘Bigg Boss’ house you do.

Whatever the case be, but it looks like that the ‘Bigg Boss’ tour will definitely attract people!



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