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Bigg Boss 6 contestant Imam Siddiqui accuses Salman Khan of non payment

  • Chatpati Chawla
  • Sep 25, 2013, 00:04 AM IST

In the Season of Bigg Boss gossip, an ex Bigg Boss inmate has decided to seek some spotlight- by crook more than hook. Remember Imam Siddiqui, the temperamental, noisy, wild card entry last season?


Imam has now laid a series of accusations at the doorstep of Salman Khan. Apparently, Salman made a casual remark that people with ‘no work’ also find fame post Bigg Boss, slantedly pointing Imam’s state of life. And that Bigg Boss makes stars of little known people is an established fact. Imam though has taken umbrage to this.


He has dug up dirt from ancient history, accusing Salman of nonpayment! According to Imam, Salman was supposed to act in a film produced by Mishal Verma and co starring Erica D’Souza Vohra before Maine Pyar Kiya. Imam was styling for it. But since Salman did not act in it, he also did not pay his ‘dues’.

As for Imam texting Salman from inside the Bigg Boss house, he cooks up a random story about other inmates not doing house tasks during a festival.


Considering that he got work beyond styling for a UTV channel, as an anchor for a music show, dunno what Imam’s complaining about! After all, Bigg Boss made him a much remembered name, and his ‘wild’ ways earned him an alternate career.


As expected Sallu isn’t biting the bait and responding to Imam’s accusations.


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