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Bigg Boss 6: Modern and Rustic House merge!

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  • Dec 02, 2012, 11:07 AM IST
Bigg Boss 6: Modern and Rustic House merge!,  entertainment»tv news in English

entertainment»tv news in English

Remember the famous line Tod do yeh deewaren... well something similar is about to happen in Bigg Boss house! You have seen two action packed houses - the modern house with 10 contestants and the padosi house with 4 contestants.... now Bigg Boss has decided to break the barrier between both the houses and get them all under one roof back again. After 55 days of struggle, it will be a full house yet again at Bigg Boss 6 with the merger of the modern and the rustic looking mud house. Where the modern house contestants were clueless about their padosis, the padosi house contestants have kept a close eye on their every move in the modern house.

The merger is going to be yet another adventure where both the house contestants will be given only around five minutes of time to pack and move, creating a panic situation. Both the house contestants will be interchanged - padosi house contestants will end up spending one night in the modern house, the modern house contestants will be spending a day in the padosi house. After a day both the house contestants will get to meet each other in the modern house and that is when the actual game begins.

Keeping in mind of all that has happened between Imam and the other four contestants of the padosi house – Aashka, Niruaha, Santosh and Vrijesh, it will be interesting to see their reactions when they meet their destiny, land up with Imam once again. What will also be interesting is... will the 10 contestants of the modern house be able to squeeze themselves in the padosi house? And for the padosis has the rustic house life toughened them to survive the game ahead or will the modern house contestants be the finals contenders of the game? All we can see wait and watch... the game has just begun.... picture abhi baak hai mere dost!

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