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Bigg Boss: Shah Rukh Khan not replacing Salman Khan

  • Subhash K Jha
  • Apr 27, 2013, 15:22 PM IST
Bigg Boss: Shah Rukh Khan not replacing Salman Khan,  entertainment»tv news in English

entertainment»tv news in English

Sources at the television channel Colors are laughing at the reports of Shah Rukh Khan replacing Salman Khan as the host for Season 7 of Bigg Boss. Far from replacing Salman, the channel is fiercely re-negotiating with the superstar to helm the show again.


Says a highly-placed source at Colors, “Big Boss and Salman have become synonymous. As far as we’re concerned, the two brands are inseparable. We’ve to admit, the show has benefited immensely from Salman’s presence. At the same time Salman too has discovered an added connectivity with the home-viewing audience. His attitude really works for the show, and there is no chance of us letting it go.”


Apparently the star’s choc-a-block schedule is no bar for the next season. Sources tell us, Colors is willing to wait, even re-shuffle its schedule if the need arises for Salman to accommodate the next season of Bigg Boss.


Apparently the star’s business managers have asked for a substantial hike in his feee which the show’s producers Endemol are more than willing to shell out.


As  for the rumours of Shah Rukh replacing Salman, the channel source surmises, “We don’t know where that came from. Certainly not from us. Our channel may have met Shah Rukh, we aren’t discounting that possibility. It could be to discuss another show.But  certainly not for  Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss is a brand that gets its power from Salman’s presence. It’s what Dabangg is to Salman’s screen image or Singham is to Ajay Devgn. No one can imagine the Bigg Boss brand without Salman.”


While the channel is adamant on the Salman factor for the show a source close to Salman says, “Like the channel told you any star would be happy to have his name associated with  the Bigg Boss brand. And if such rumours(of SRK replacing Salman) make anyone happy, then so be it. Let them have fun.”


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