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Bigg Boss6: Imam's days coming to an end in the house?

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  • Dec 02, 2012, 11:12 AM IST
Bigg Boss6: Imam's days coming to an end in the house?,  entertainment»tv news in English

entertainment»tv news in English

Imam's journey from the Padosi house to the modern house has helped him gain more patience. It’s been 3 days since he has been inside the house and his tantrums seem to be taking a chill-pill as of now. Blame it on him uniting with his friend Sapna or the housemates standing tall against him. But what remains unknown is post the merger of the two houses, will the housemates be able to break him down completely? 

After re-entering the padosi house, Imam's rants about not wanting to play the game with Aashka, Vrajesh, Santosh and Nirahua were out and loud, and his excitement knew no bounds when he realized that he will finally enter the Modern house. But soon after his entry in the modern house, Imam has garnered a dislike from one and all except for Sapna. Post his entry, he kept referring to all that he has done outside, to which the modern house contestants immidiately retaliated. For Imam, his only support system in the house at present is Sapna, but what remains unknown is will Nirahua's entry in the house change Sapna's stand keeping in mind Sapna and Nirahua's friendship.

Just like the padosi house, will the modern house contestants also gang up and turn against Imam and plot to throw him out of the game?


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