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Bollywood reacts to terrorist Ajmal Kasab's death

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  • Nov 21, 2012, 08:26 AM IST
Bollywood reacts to terrorist Ajmal Kasab's death,  entertainment»bollywood news in English

entertainment»bollywood news in English

The world will never be kind to terrorists and anti-social elements, and it was the same when the news of Ajmal Kasab’s death was announced. Witihn seconds, the net exploded. Celebrities and commoners alike rushed to the Twitter to comment on his death.

Actor Celina Jaitly took to Twitter to seek confirmation to the news. “ dear frnds at HT tru ?@htTweets: Ajmal Kasab hanged at Yerwada jail in Pune at 7.30am after President rejects his mercy petition:reports.”

TV actor Karan Kundra was quick enough to spread the news. He tweeted, “So finally kasab's hanged!!

Here's what the rest tweeted: 

kunal kohli ‏@kunalkohli

Now that Kasab has been executed,can we also get his handlers & the planners who attacked my city ? We need them executed too.

kunal kohli ‏@kunalkohli

Kasab has been hanged ! Finally. God forbid there's a next time we need to hang/execute such terrorists faster.

Celina Jaitly ‏@CelinaJaitly

lol RT @krdhananjay: @CelinaJaitly I am going to watch some desh bhakti movie to celebrate #Kasab's death...  

Geeta Basra ‏@Geeta_Basra

Kasab hanged till death! Great news and relief! Justice prevails!
shreyas talpade @shreyastalpade1
Finally.....may u rot in hell with your brethren bloody bas#**d. #Kasab
Paresh Rawal @iPareshRawal
Kasab gets hanged but no news channel had single idea about it. What happend to their sources. Guess all sources were busy in PM's free Bhoj
Celina Jaitly @CelinaJaitly
RT @ajayvinayak64: @CelinaJaitly Entire Nation rejoices kasabs hanging. Law of the Land Prevailed.
Celina Jaitly @CelinaJaitly
lol RT @krdhananjay: @CelinaJaitly I am going to watch some desh bhakti movie to celebrate #Kasab's death...
Celina Jaitly @CelinaJaitly
Today R Veer Shaheed & the victims of 26/11's horrendous acts of terrorism will finally Rest In Peace..Kasab u & ur mates will burn in hell
Celina Jaitly @CelinaJaitly
RT @rahulkanwal: If UR gong 2 execute sum1 ths is the way 2 do it No chest beating No noisy debates Follow the law of the land Well done GOI


Kasab was just an errand-boy with a gun. India is thrilled with his death, but the real culprits must be laughing at our sheer gullibility!
Anupam Kher ‏@AnupamPkher
Justice may not replace the feeling of loss but it gives strength & hope to continue life with renewed belief in system we live in. #Kasab
#kasab hanging - congratulations govt of India - for doing it so effectively. For once the govt broke the news n not the news channels

Mahesh Bhatt

Heard: The supreme crime should carry the supreme penalty. 

Kailash Kher 

Finally Kasab Got Hanged, Justice implemented in India, the world Believed our Law. Our People will be glad n in trust with governance. 

ken Ghosh 

Kasab is now facing the highest of all courts! Sentences meted out here are for all eternity


Today shud have been an official off for our city to celebrate #kasab's death !!!

ayub khan

Thank god! Finally ajmal kasab wore the noose around his neck today morning. I hope all the victims family get some relief from this newsI understand tactical manoeuvres, but this was down right disgusting to keep him alive for so long. Final kasab got wht he deserved long ago

Rohit Roy

Kasab hung.. Afzal guru????




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