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Bollywood's most infamous fights and controversies

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  • Feb 02, 2012, 17:32 PM IST
Bollywood's most infamous fights and controversies,  features news in English

features news in English

salman_vivek_351Mumbai: The recent Shah Rukh Khan-Shirish Kunder slapgate and their subsequent patch up reinforces the fact that in showbiz, there are no permanent friends or foes. Bollywood celebrities have had their share of happy and dramatic moments, with blown out spats between established stars and filmmakers for long. While some buried the hatchet and are friends again, others are still at loggerheads.

Choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan's husban Shirish Kunder was allegedly punched and slapped by Shah Rukh Khan him at a private party after he blasted the superstar's movie 'Ra.One' as a "fizzled out firework". The fracas created national headlines and within a day the two patched up, burying aside their differences. The fall out between Farah and Shah Rukh began when she started her third film 'Tees Maar Khan' with Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan. And with the alleged assault on Shirish things seemed to have worsened the situation, but both SRK and Farah are good friends again, having let bygones be bygones after much mud slinging.

Another much-talked-about feud is between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. In 2008, at Salman's then girlfriend Katrina Kaif's birthday bash a heated argument and disagreement between the Khans created a rift between the two. Till date, there are several unconfirmed theories floating around and nobody knows what exactly happened at the party. But the incident left such a scar and the split only seemed to widen as both Khans are in no mood to call a truce.

Salman and Vivek Oberoi, former boyfriends of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, are also at a cold war for a long time. In 2003, Vivek had called a press conference claiming that a drunk Salman had called him up 41 times and abuse and threatened to come over to his house and kill him. That was the beginning of an enstranged relationship that has continued till date. Vivek had also apologized to Salman, but the latter did not acknowledge the gesture.


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