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Does casting couch exist in Bollywood?

  • Vaibhavi Risbood
  • Jan 18, 2011, 12:58 PM IST
Does casting couch exist in Bollywood?,  news news in English

news news in English

top_story_380_03Casting Couch is a very ‘hush-hush’ matter in tinsel town and at times even whispering about it could create waves of controversies. However, it’s a theme which probably interests many film-makers who wants ‘hatke’ cinema and reporters for their Masala stories which keeps the audience glued to their television sets. When you ask celebs about their opinion on the syndrome of ‘Casting Couch’ some shy away from such a sensitive subject, others are on ‘No Comments’ mode and the rest follow the ‘Casting Couch doesn’t exist’ queue.

Onir has dealt with serious subjects like homosexuality and betrayal in love with movies like ‘My Brother...Nikhil’ and ‘Bas Ek Pal’ respectively. Now he has become the latest entrant to get trapped in the so-called casting couch mystery. The newcomer Yuvraj Parashar who entered tinsel town with ‘Dunno Y…Naa Jaane Kyun’ met Onir for work but after the meeting between the two, the actor alleged that he was molested by Onir. On which the director said, “I know what my stand in the industry is and whatever position I hold today is 15 years of my hard work. Whatever is my sexuality, I will not get down to this level any day. This publicity stunt may help this guy but for sure this is not going on my favour.” 

The trend of exposing celebs who could be involved in such an act started when a TV channel exposed the ‘ouuuch’ man, Shakti Kapoor with a string operation. The video which was released showed Shakti Kapoor asking for sexual favor from a reporter disguised as a struggling actress shocked the entire nation. After coming out of this misery Shakti didn’t hesitate to say that casting couch doesn’t exist in Bollywood. Here we would like to ask him whether the entire video was an error on his part and he didn’t mean it.

Another alarming news shocked the B’town when within few days of Shakti’s string operation, Aman Verma well-known TV face was captured in such a frightful video. Aman was caught asking sexual favours from a reporter again disguised as an aspiring actress, though one cant ignore the fact that it was much mild mannered as compared to bad boy Shakti Kapoor’s video. The actor went through a bad phase but the ‘Dabangg’ Khan came to his rescue and many stars supported him.

The Madhur Bhandarkar was not only accused but dragged to the court by Priti Jain. The aspiring actress blamed the director of raping her and making false promises and blatantly claimed that she had sex with Madhur for almost 16 times when he promised her a lead role. The entire saga was became unavoidable discussion in media and industry. But the director denied any such situations and was trapped in this case for years and claimed that he paid price for being Madhur Bhandarkar.

Some celebs believe it happens and are vocal about it, as the most controversial figure of Indian Television openly says that casting couch happens in Bollywood. The twitter star Sherlyn Chopra believes that she would lie if she claims it doesn’t exist and thinks that casting couch exists across the globe. While Kangana Ranaut who received critical appreciation for Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Fashion’ and her power pact performance showing the darker side of glam world believes that the industry is huge and doesn’t work on sexual exploitations.

So the mute question remains that whether casting couch really exists in Bollywood? And if yes why do celebs not talk about it openly, is that they are scared or they believe that ‘One should not wash their dirty linen in public’?



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