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Headley to be sentenced on Rahul Bhatt’s birthday

  • Subhash K Jha
  • Jan 17, 2013, 15:34 PM IST
Headley to be sentenced on Rahul Bhatt’s birthday,  entertainment»bollywood news in English

entertainment»bollywood news in English

An eerie karmic connection seems to connect the 26/11 main-accused David Headley with actor Rahul Bhatt.While their unlikely bonding is now chronicled in a book, their relationship seems to have acquired a renewed relevance in the light of  a bizarre coincidence this month..
It seems Headley’s final sentencing by the court has been fixed for January 24 which happens to Rahul Bhatt’s birth date.And Rahul is deeply disturbed by the coincidence .

Says the actor, “I really don’t see it as a coincidence. There is a strange bonding between us, as though our lives are in some way inter-connected. Otherwise, why would my birthday fall exactly on the day of Headley’s sentencing? On the day I turn 30 he might be told his life is about to end.It’s a very disturbing thought and I feel no pleasure in my birthday any more.Because of my association with Headley I am suffering through my own private 26/11 which no one knows about.”

Rahul has put aside all thoughts of a celebration this year. “In any case dear mom is unwell and I’m in and out  of the hospital. The good thing is, my book on Headley is out,so I’ve some achievement to  my credit at age 30.The movie career will follow, I’m sure.”

In fact Rahul has been signed by Ram Gopal Varma for his next project, though superstitious about his career Rahul won’t talk about the film until he starts shooting for it.
What he shyly reveals is that his proud sister Pooja Bhatt bought a 100 copies of  his Headley book and distributed it among family and friends.Whatever the status of Rahul’s relationship with his father Mahesh Bhatt, she shares a fabulous filial bonding with his sister.


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