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Hussain Kuwajerwala to host 12-hour marathon of investigative crime show ‘48 Hours'

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  • Apr 25, 2013, 16:36 PM IST
Hussain Kuwajerwala to host 12-hour marathon of investigative crime show ‘48 Hours',  entertainment»tv news in English

entertainment»tv news in English


Multi-talented dancer and actor Hussain Kuwajerwala will be seen making a special appearance as host of the Emmy award winning crime documentary series 48 Hours Mystery

Popular television and now Bollywood actor Hussain has been approached to host the 12 hour marathon of the show on ‘Maha Crime Sunday’.

Speaking about the show, Hussain said, “No crime can be committed without the tiniest bit of evidence being left behind. No matter how clever the murder is or how well planned the murder is, during the course of committing the crime, he will always leave something behind. In such cases, the need of the hour is an incredible investigation team who can analyze the smallest bit of evidence that the criminals have left behind and bring justice to the ones who have been wronged.”

Hussain’s upcoming project, thriller ‘Shree’ marks his debut on the silver screen. Through his association with the universally acclaimed documentary series, the actor takes his intrigue in mysteries one step further. The actor believes that any crime can be solved if a good team backs the investigation. His association with the show, hence, comes as no surprise with 48 Hours Mystery focusing on investigating crimes which have occurred in the past 48 hours.





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