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Imaam Siddique was quite genuine: Urvashi Dholakia

  • Esha Razdan
  • Jan 19, 2013, 13:02 PM IST
Imaam Siddique was quite genuine: Urvashi Dholakia,  entertainment»tv news in English

entertainment»tv news in English

While most of the contestants of ‘Bogg Boss 6’ have negative view about Imaam Siddique, winner Urvashi Dholakia has good things to say about the controversial housemate. “Imaam Siddique is quite genuine,” says Urvashi, mother of two, when probed about what she thinks about Imaam after bidding good bye to the house forever.

Urvashi however, adds, “Things went wrong between me and Imaam only in the last week. Before that he was really caring about me. He would make sure that I ate and felt nice. In fact, I felt he had bright chance to win the show. ”

The bad memories soon hover her mind and she goes into complaining mode, “I however, can’t forget the way he tried to demean me with bad words and thoughts. You can’t get away hitting a woman below the belt and eventually say ‘Time Out’. I am sorry, such behavior is unacceptable.”

We completely agree with Urvashi. All we can say is forget it and enjoy your victory with kids, family and close friends.

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