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After Salman Khan & Mallika Sherawat, Meghna Patel supports Narendra Modi in style

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  • Feb 10, 2014, 16:28 PM IST
There has always been a connection between Bollywood and politics -- two of India's most popular obsessions. Recently, we saw Salman Khan showering praises on BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Even Mallika Sherawat was seen dedicating a 'Happy Birthday' song for the politico. And now, actress Meghna Patel too has raised her support for Modi, with a liberal dose of oomph. Meghna has stripped for a racy photoshoot to campaign for the BJP candidate. The pictures show Meghna being covered in nothing but a bunch of lotus flowers, along with a poster of the leader. Since lotus is the election symbol of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Meghna has chosen the flowers to spice up the photoshoot. 

Pitching in for Modi, Meghna says, “Narendra Modi is the man of today. He is the embodiment of valour who lives in the hearts of millions of people.” She added, “Narendra Modi is a person of great prominence on India's political landscape and has done great works for development and prosperity in his state and now he is the prime ministerial candidate. People will vote for him to make India better in the 21st century. We all love you,  Mr Modi.” Amidst the multiple reactions and the consequent ripple effects of this shoot, many were seen asking as to 'Who is this girl?'. Daily Bhaskargives you a quick introduction to Meghna Patel.
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