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Movie Review: Damadamm

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  • Oct 25, 2011, 22:06 PM IST
Movie Review: Damadamm,  movie review news in English

movie review news in English

img_4685_525Story: The story is about Sameer (Himesh Reshammiya), who is constantly nagged by his girlfriend (Purbi Joshi) and her extra possessive behaviour makes his life boring to death. However, as soon as he realises that he enjoys each moment in her absence, Sameer starts loving the distance between the two and in the meanwhile, gets close to his boss’ sister, Sonal Sehgal. Later, how he realises his true love and how he manages to make the right decision, is what the rest of the story is all about.
Story Treatment: The story is simple, predictable with pinch of humour and emotions. This love saga is something anyone would have watched millions of times, however, what’s noteworthy is the placement of the sequences which are successful in letting the story be a simple one and not complicating it further. The first part reflects the freedom of a lover trapped in a girlfriend’s domineering behaviour cycle that too in a very humourous manner. The second half showcases the confused persona of Sameer, where he goes through an emotional journey, but it proves quite predictable.

Star Cast: Himesh Reshammiya is natural, though not apt all the time. Kudos to his resolve of trying to follow his dreams in spite of so much of criticism. His improved acting skills definitely get noticed. Sonal Sehgal is not new to the movie world. She is interesting in her chirpy role, but has little part to play. Purbi Joshi proves her acting prowess and excels with supreme poise. 

Direction: Swapna Waghmare manages to make her star cast perform. Also, the director has done justice to a simple storyline without making it go overboard. A feeble and humdrum storyline takes away major credit from the director. There is surely room for improvement, but it seems that the new director understands the traits of the industry.

Dialogue/cinematography/music: Expectations are always high, when it comes to Himesh and his music. However, while talking about the music of Damadamm, the music director fairly succeeds. ‘Umrao Jaan’ steals the show, whereas 'Mango' creates a confusion, as one's left wondering why would someone's girlfriend be compared to a mango. On the whole, the album definitely leaves a Himesh Reshammiya impact. Dialogues are effortless, plain and seem just like any conversation happening between a group of friends. The exchange of words between Sameer and his ex-girlfriend, before his marriage are successful in grabbing attention.

3Ups and Downs: This one's a must watch for Himesh’s fans for they'd get to see him act, sing and dance to his own tunes. And for people, who demand a strong storyline and want to be away from run-of-the-mill romance, this one's surely a strict no-no.

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