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Movie Review: Queen is that ‘WOW’ film

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  • Mar 08, 2014, 10:28 AM IST
Movie Review: Queen is that ‘WOW’ film,  movie review news in English

movie review news in English

Remember that chick from your college or society, who you titled as ‘behan-ji’ because her style was that of stone age, she was confused about the capital of the U.S.A, she took permission from her mother before going out for even half and hour, she said, ‘haww wo drink karta hai’ when she saw someone with a glass of wine, and her only passion was to get married. Queen aka Rani is that girl from your college.


Queen is a film which connects us, shakes us, entertains us and makes us think in a different way about the people and world around us.


In the film, Rani aka Queen (Kangana Ranaut) prays to god about her “first night”, confuses dildo with a massager, and cracks “non-veg” Santa-Banta jokes. But it’s her innocence that will make you fall in love with her.


Is it a chick flick?

There is much more to Queen than just a chick film. Queen will not just entertain you, but also leave an impact on you. It forces you to think about the world in a different way.    


How is Kangana Ranaut in Queen?

If 2012 was the year of Vidya Balan, 2013 was of Deepika Padukone, 2014 is going to be Kangana’s year. She might end up getting a few ‘Best Actress’ awards for Queen. 


It seems like the character of Rani, a middle class Punjabi girl, was tailor made for her. The way Kangana talks, walks, laughs, she does it with perfection. We must give credit to director Vikas Bahl for this master piece, who claimed to have written the story of the film keeping Kangana in mind.


How is the direction?

Rani aka Queen on her honeymoon  goes alone to Amsterdam, where she has to share her room with three other guys, who are suppose to be from three different cultural backgrounds. They hardly understand each other’s language, and the only way of interaction between the four of them is broken English. Now, the situation must be sounding confusing to you already. However, director Vikas Bahl has played it with perfection.  


You will have to forgive him for stretched second half.  


Is it a comedy film?

Queen is not a comedy film, but Kangana’s character is naturally funny.  There are some scenes in the film which will make you fall laughing off your chair.  When Queen asks her first French friend about her background, who is a half Indian, she replies, “Mere mother father met in Goa, Boom Boom, oour mey aaye gaeyi (In her French accent).”

Another funny sequence is when Queen’s friends take her to a sex toy show, and she buys gifts for her entire family, thinking products are really innovative.   


Big Question: Should I watch Queen?

Queen is one such film which you don’t want to miss. It is one film which will be remembered for Kangana’s performance forever. You will tell your friends after 10 year, “maine Queen 5 baar dekhi hai.”   


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