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No 'Mahabharat' for Aamir Khan!

  • Esha Razdan
  • Nov 20, 2012, 14:36 PM IST
No 'Mahabharat' for Aamir Khan!,  entertainment»tv news in English

entertainment»tv news in English

‘Mahabharat’ may be his dream project, but actor Aamir Khan hasn’t been able to go ahead with it. The actor cites several reasons for the delay. Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth.

“‘Mahabharat’ is a dream project. I fear to begin it though as it will take 20 years to make it. Research will take nearly five with execution of 15 years which means I will disappear. Anyway, my fans complain of me doing one film in two years, with “Mahabharat’ going on the floors, they will miss me for years together which I don’t want at the moment (laughs),” exclaims Aamir.

Aamir currently is preoccupied with many projects which need attention. He further adds, “My films and ‘Satyamev Jayate season 2’ is keeping me busy nowadays which is another reason why I don’t dare to touch such a sensitive and vast subject like ‘Mahabharat’.


So, shall we say the perfectionist in him isn’t allowing him to take such a huge project on floors? To which he quickly replies, “I’m not a perfectionist.  I love and care about my work and leave no stones unturned to achieve the potential of my film/TV show. That doesn’t make me perfectionist though. Nothing can’t be perfect especially, filmmaking which is a creative process.”

“In films, it is about vision of the director and what happens organically in a particular moment may happen in a different way in a different moment. That’s the reality of creative field,” he concludes.



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