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PHOTOS: Bigg Boss 6: Imam psycho behavior leads to an ugly brawl with Aashka Goradia

  • Tina Krishnan
  • Nov 20, 2012, 09:07 AM IST

‘Bigg Boss 6’ is full of surprises. If the rustic look of the new house floored the viewers earlier, the interaction between Aashka Goradia, casting director Imam Siddique and Bhojpuri superstar Niruha has now left them shocked, courtesy Imam's dominating nature, which has not gone down well with Aashka and Niruha.

 "Aashka bitched about Imam to Nirahua. She complained of him spreading filth, and how he is going crazy seeing so many cameras around," a source said.

 "Just after this, Aashka lost her cool. And Imam and Aashka entered an ugly brawl. While having dinner, he passed weird remarks on how she should be silent while eating. He also imitates her cry-baby behavior. Irked by this, Aashka replied by enacting Imam's feministic style," the source adds.

 "Later, Imam apologized on camera to Aashka and tells her that he had hurt her, which he shouldn’t have."

Just when everyone though everything was fine, Imam wore Aashka’s clothes and harassed her by resorting to weird antics - brushing teeth and wearing her clothes. When Aashka and Nirahua reacted, his anger aggravated and he locked the two inside the house," the source continues.

"He even broke earthen pots and stocked things up outside the bolted door threatening to burn down the house. The team asked him to step out of the house at 3.40am. The team even kept him in an isolated location and trying to talk to him," the source reveals.

Spokesperson from Colors confirmed the news, "Imam has been shown the door and thrown out of the Bigg Boss House due to his unruly behavior and his disrespectful attitude towards the women in the Bigg Boss House.”

Imam was also seen stripping and behaving in an insane manner. Now, it's time to see who will take Imam's place.


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