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Poonam Pandey beats Sunny Leone on Twitter

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  • Jun 18, 2012, 11:18 AM IST
Poonam Pandey beats Sunny Leone on Twitter,  entertainment»bollywood news in English

entertainment»bollywood news in English

poonam_sunny_leone_468In the popularity battle on Twitter, actor Poonam Pandey has scored one over Sunny Leone. With over 241808 followers, Poonam is one up on Sunny, who has been left behind with 12053 followers to her name.

Both actors were in the news recently over their alleged rivalry in the race to rule the box office with their respective debut movies. While Sunny has been busy tweeting about the locations of her movie, Poonam is cruising over the issue of petrol hikes.

Even in the pictures department, Poonam has managed to outdo Sunny. The latter has been busy tweeting pictures without any make up, and Poonam has topped the charts with her picture, albeit, without any clothes.

The strip picture that was tweeted after the KKR victory, has managed to put Poonam back in the top ten trends list. Let's wait and see if Poonam is able to win the battle at the box office, against the porn star import.




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