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Priyanka Chopra hates going to the gym!

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  • Jul 16, 2011, 14:55 PM IST
Priyanka Chopra hates going to the gym!,  features news in English

features news in English

Priyanka Chopra is one actress who hates going to the gym the most. While everyone might expect her to be sweating it out at the gym to achieve that hourglass figure, she is one actress who can do anything to avoid the gym.

According to sources, PC has tried everything possible to avoid her gym sessions. The actress was supposed to lose some weight, some time back for one of her movies and whenever her trainer used to turn up for the session she would give one excuse after the other to avoid the work-out session.

Priyanka’s trainer decided to give her work-outs that could be done outdoors without hitting the gym. This way she could stay away from the gym and still achieve that perfect figure. That’s how PC finally agreed to sweat it out, minus the gym, of course!


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