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Priyanka Chopra upset about father's deteriorating health

  • Subhash K Jha
  • Jun 07, 2013, 13:50 PM IST
Destiny has a way of dealing unexpected blows. Priyanka Chopra may look like the girl who has it all. But deep inside she’s grieving.
Priyanka’s father  Dr. Ashok Chopra is seriously unwell. The cancer, that struck the doctor a few years ago, has returned. He’s currently at the Kokilaben hospital, and according to a friend of Priyanka, “he's in a very critical condition.” 
A self-confessed Daddy’s girl, PC is worried. She has now postponed all rehearsals for Omang Kumar’s Mary Kom bio pic.
Till last week when her dad’s condition began to deteriorate, Priyanka went about her work as normal. Only those close to her know what she’s going through. Priyanka was working on the  rehearsals for the Mary Kom bio-pic while attending to her dad whenever she could.
Says a source from the Mary Kom crew, “Priyanka was religiously attending each and every rehearsal. She doesn’t talk about her father’s illness with anyone. Nothing in her behaviour reflects anything irregular in her life. Only her close friends know what she is going through.”
Back in 2005, when she was shooting for Rohan Sippy’s Bluffmaster, her father was first diagnosed as ill. Priyanka had not shared her agony with anyone on the sets.
“It’s the same now. Priyanka hasn’t told anyone at her work place how unwell her father is. But now, she has postponed all rehearsals,” adds the source from the Mary Kom team.

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