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Rashmi Desai Sandhu is confident about her comeback in Uttaran!

  • Tina Krishnan
  • Nov 06, 2012, 13:15 PM IST
Rashmi Desai Sandhu is confident about her comeback in Uttaran!,  entertainment»tv news in English

entertainment»tv news in English

Rashmi Desai Sandhu, who earned plaudits for her role as Tapasya in ‘Uttaran’, had quit the show. However, now she is back with a bang. The actress left the show as she was not sure if she wanted to play a mother’s role to a girl who was almost same her age. But now Rashmi is confident about her comeback.

Talking to DailyBhaskar.com, Rashmi said, “When I left the show I wasn’t confident about playing a mother’s role to a girl almost my age. As an actor it was important for me to know my role and be convinced. During this break, I have done my homework and I’m sure they will connect with me.”

‘Uttaran’ hasn’t managed to garner huge TRPs. When asked if she was under any pressure to deliver higher TRPs, she said, “The makers will always expect higher TRPs. As an actor, I will work hard and try to get the same.”

Rashmi is married to Nandish Sandhu. They got married a year back and as per reports, they were heading for a spilt. When asked Rashmi is she wanted to react to such reports, she said, “These are just rumors. All is good after marriage and there are no issues between me and Nandish. The time when this story came out I wasn’t in town.”



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