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  • Mayank Shekhar
  • Feb 23, 2013, 13:28 PM IST
Review: ZILA GHAZIABAD,  movie review news in English

movie review news in English

In his opening scene, a bearded muscular fellow flies up in the air, knocks down a set of ruffians with his boot. Some more goons hanging around in the distance fall to the ground just as he merely stretches his arms – he doesn’t even need to touch them. This dreaded villain is Arshad Warsi, the Circuit from Munnabhai. He probably picked up this role fancying his chances as an action star at age 44. All he does is keep grinning, jumping, shooting, which isn’t bad for a start.

The hero opposite him perennially grits his teeth, similarly dives all over the place pulling the trigger. This gent is Vivek Oberoi. I remained glued to my seat all the way – endured  at least three item numbers, a few other songs lifted from Dabangg, Ravi Kissen, Paresh Rawal, Chandrachur Singh, Ashutosh Rana, about four dozen cross-fires and shootouts, nearly 200 odd deaths – merely to figure out exactly why are these blokes just randomly shooting at each other? To be honest, I still don’t know. I remember there was some sort of property dispute in the beginning of the movie. But I am not sure. All that had to go wrong with this film then probably did even before they started making it.

What you need to know is there‘s this zila (district) called Ghaziabad, where everyone can kill off everyone anyway. Policemen are paraded nude on the streets. There is only one person who can save this lawless hell. He’s a cop called Thakur Pratap Singh. This thanedaar cuts off young boys’ long hair, which he is told is unfortunately styled like Sanjay Dutt from Khalnayak. Pratap Singh loves a song from Saajan, the track ‘Tamma Tamma Loge’ plays at his thana. He says he would cut off Sanjay Dutt’s hair as well, if he met him.

This 52-year-old balding joker also keeps flying in the air, whacking baddies, revealing his chest, four buttons down. This character is supposed to provide humour to the film. Sanjay Dutt plays this role. Sadly the joke’s on him. You feel sorry for this Munnabhai far more than you do for the “single screen” audience that's supposed to sit through this rubbish. I feel their pain still. That many bullets will drill a hole in anybody's head. Be careful then.

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