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RGV builds replica of Taj hotel worth 2.5 crores for 26/11

  • Esha Razdan
  • Aug 31, 2012, 02:43 AM IST

rgv_taj_fnl_441It is known to one and all that Ram Gopal Varma is leaving no stones unturned to make his film on 26/11 terror attacks realistic and worth a watch. No wonder, when the filmmaker was denied to shoot at the real Taj Hotel for obvious reasons, RGV built up a set of Taj Hotel in another renowned hotel which has been shut for a long time now. 

Parag Sanghvi, the MD of the Alumbra, which has produced the film says, “26/11 is a very special film for me and my partner Jeetendra Jain. Since Taj didn't allow to shoot the film in their hotel we recreated a huge set. We have paid attention to every single detail which has cost us a lot but we are not complaining.”

Our reliable sources close to RGV inform, “Since grenade explosions and massacring of people is what happened there in Taj hotel, so, it was obvious that the Taj management would not give permission to shoot on their premises. Also, it would be traumatic for them to see a recreation of that horrible tragedy.”

They further add, “Keeping all this in mind, RGV put a set of the Taj lobby at a cost of 2.5 cr. For him the importance of the Taj attack in the context of 26 11 is that a five star hotel is a symbol of human achievement in terms of splendour and it has a fantasy kind of setting and then there to see blood flowing on its polished floor and its pristine walls and it's artifacts to be riddled with bullets is a living testimony of what kind of ultimate barbarism man is even today capable of.”

Looking at the profound filmmaker RGV is, we are sure, the set would exhibit the same essence what the real Taj hotel could have show.



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