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In Pics: Salman Khan’s abs in Jai Ho, real or fake?

  • Dailybhaskar.com
  • Nov 19, 2013, 12:19 PM IST

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is amongst the actors who started the trend of chiseled body in the industry. The superstar is once again seen in a dashing eight-pack abs avatar that seems to be more than impressive on the first poster of his upcoming film Jai Ho.


Surprisingly, this has led to a dispute among the gossipmongers of the industry, who are busy speculating whether his super toned body and sculpted muscles are real or are they the result of SFX? A picture is doing rounds on the internet which shows how Salman Khan’s flab was turned into eight-pack abs using technology.


Recently, Salman Khan’s close friend asked him to show his abs on Bigg Boss 7. But despites the diva’s constant requests Dabangg Khan refused to take his shirt off. He even turned around to check whether his abs are there or not, but ended up not showing it to public. This incident on the TV reality show added fuel to the fire that Salman’s abs in Jai Ho are fake.  


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