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UNSEEN: Behind-the-scene photos of Kingfisher Calendar 2013

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  • Jan 04, 2013, 19:20 PM IST

What’s the life like for the contestants of Kingfisher calendar girl hunt? Is it all about fun? Or do they feel scared and anxious too?

Photographer Atul Kasbekar, who has been associated with Kingfisher Calendar shoot since its inception tells us what the experience is like. “All models are thorough professionals when it comes to the shoot of Kingfisher Calendar. While work remains the priority, they do take time off for interesting activities. I remember when we were shooting in South Africa, many had a whale of a time when they took up adventure sports. From skydiving to shark diving, they did all. And enjoyed each bit too. But yes, working for Kingfisher Calendar 2013 was never taken lightly,” he said. 

Here, your chance to a part of the delight. From the most crucial moment to the biggest memory, go through the behind-the-scene photos of the shoot of Kingfisher Calendar 2013 which we have culled out for you. And you’ll understand the experience is an interesting mix of fun and seriousness towards the job. 


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