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Unforgettable hairstyles that Bollywood beauties flaunted

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  • Apr 25, 2013, 17:08 PM IST

Starting from the very 1950’s, Bollywood saw a series of hair trends, some taking cues from the Western counterparts of Hollywood and some innovatively their own.

Be it poker straight, classic wavy tresses, tight buns, bob cuts or the bouffant craziness, audiences tried to copy almost every hairstyle the bollywood beauties adorned. And not only then, the madness continues even today, with besotted young fans imitating just about any and every hairstyle the leading ladies flaunt, either on screen or off screen!

Yes, some become a nation-wide rage, while the others wither away post the film releases.


Tinseltown beauties give way to trends that live forever. Have a look at some of the most prominent hairstyles in Bollywood


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