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Your phone can make dog sounds

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  • Aug 12, 2013, 15:10 PM IST
Your phone can make dog sounds, apps of the day news in English

apps of the day news in English


If you love dog sounds and think it is way to entertain yourself, or to play pranks with friends, here is a perfect app for you.


You can get free apps on your smartphone that make all kinds of sounds dogs and puppies make. This can also be used to entertain kids and playing with your dog or puppy.


This free app available for iPads and iPhone contains over 40 dog and puppy sounds including regular barks, tiny puppies, funny sounds and angry dogs.


For Android phone owners, they can download a similar free app from google play store. This Cool App Contains over 40 realistic dog and puppy sounds: Funny Dog, Angry Dog, Hungry Dog, Dog Barking, Mad Dog, Happy Dog, Silly Dog, Dog Roar, Dogs Sounds, Frustrated Dog, Dog Yelling,Adorable Dogs sounds and more.

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