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iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launched, pre-order begins on 13th Sept

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  • Sep 11, 2013, 08:59 AM IST

11.57 The programe end here.


11.51 pm: iPhone 5C and 5S will come for pre-order on the 13th this month, will be available in store from Sept 20, 2013.


11.40 pm: Tim Cook back on stage. Thanks the teams that worked so incredibly hard on the iPhone.


11.39 pm:Promo running now.


11.37 pm: iPhone 5S availability -December this year. The phone will come to 100 countries including China.


11.34 pm:16GB at USD199, 32GB at USD 299 and 64GB at USD 399. No 128 GB iPhone it seems. That's on contract of course.


11.33 pm: The call it the mos secured phone. What will happen in case of any emergency?


11.32 pm: fingerprint is one of the best passes in the world, says Apple, no two ar similar and hence the password will remain 'unique'


11.28 pm: Touch ID, the fingerprint scanner as leaked now confirmed. The sensor is integrated to the home button. 


11.26 pm: 28-megapixel panorama shots possible.


11.24 pm: Slow mothing camera confirmed. 120 frames per second can be shot via SloMo app.


11.21 pm: f/2.2 aperture, auto-image stabilization, can take multiple photos at once (that's the burst mode, 99 shots in 4 seconds in Galaxy S4). There's another fun burst mode that if  you hold your finger on the shutter, takes up to 10 frames per second.


11.20 pm: The camera will be equipped with dual flash lights as rumoured earlier-  Leaked: iPhone 5S webpage revealing 8 MP camera, dual flash


11.18 pm: Apple will go with health and fitnes apps. Sounds like Samsung galaxy S4 to me, that';s packed with such apps. Apple is talking with Nke and got them test the new device.


11.15 pm: With the A7 an M7 'motion processor' makes a debut. It will work along with the A7 says Phil Schiller.


11.08 pm: 64 bit A7 processor is the hearth of iPhone 5S. World's first such phone. A7 is up to 2x as fast as the previous generation of CPUs, and handles graphics up to 2X faster


11.06 pm: The next iPhone is here. The same look like the iPhone 5 but with premium colours of Silver, gold and black.


11.03 pm: Apple has been known to be saying it won't manufacture a plastic phone. The competition seems to be taken over the compnay now. The 4G LTE iPhone 5C will have a competitor in the Nokia 625, that the affordable 4G Nokia phone. 


11.02 pm: Apple calls it "beautiful, unapologetically plastic".


11.00 pm: USD 99 for 16 GB and USD 199 GB for 32 GB, on two years contract. No arsenic, no mercury.


10.58 pm: A6 chip powers the iPhone 5C, hard coated polycarbonate back, colours will make you remember Lumia range of devices from Nokia. 4 inch retina display and other featurs like the iPhone 5, including facetime HD.


10.55 pm: iPhone 5C introduced. Matches the images leaked earlier.


10.52 pm: Introduces iWork, which has three amazing apps. The first is Keynote. 1. Keynote allows you to create world class presentations on your iPad or iPhone. 2. Pages to allows you to create and edit documents from anywhere. 3.Numbers to spreadsheet design software anywhere. 


10.47 pm: iOS 7 comes to iPad on September 18th.


10.39 pm: time for going back in time and count the iOs devices. Now poeeping into he history.


10.37 pm: After the promo clip, Tim returns to the stage.


10.34 pm: Tim Cook on the stage.


10.29 pm: Apple might drag China Mobile & NTT DoCoMo CEOs at th event, rumours say. Apple has entered into an agrement with the China Mobile to sell the next iPhone and the cheap iPhone in China. What does the 'C' in iPhone 5c stands for - 'Colourful' or 'China'?


Please refresh the page to read updates.


10.20 pm: countdown begins. 9 more minutes to go.


Here’s the list of expected features and specs in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c: rumour round up


10.13 pm: Doors to theare opens now.


About an hour and Apple will be laucing its next iPhone today. [Image: peop,e outside Cupertino giant's vent place; Image coutresy: appleinsider.com]


The new iPhone is expected to sport an all aluminum body with the A7 processor ship inside, a higher storage option memory and fingerprint scanning security feature. The latest leak about the iPhone 5S comes from a Chinese leakster CtechCN.com who has shared a screenshot of alleged iPhone 5S webpage from Apple’s China website. According to the information the new iPhone will be getting an 8 megapixel camera with a bigger LED flash or dual flash  for better low light photography.

More here Leaked: iPhone 5S webpage revealing 8 MP camera, dual flash

Bizarre: This is how Apple guards its secrets

Apple testing iPhones with 6 and 4.8 inch display, what will Samsung do?

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