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Best mobile phones to be launched in 2013

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  • Jan 05, 2013, 08:01 AM IST
Best mobile phones to be launched in 2013

The year 2013 will witness launches of the slimmest, lightest, fastest and the best phones from almost all the smartphone manufacturing Companies. Samsung, LG, HTC, Apple, Research in Motion and all others are lining up with their best smartphones for you this year. So, in case you planning to replace your handset, or planning to buy new one, wait for these phones.

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    BlackBerry 10 smartphone

    The Canadian Company Research in Motion (RIM) is planning to come back in business with the all new touchscreen BlackBerry phones and new operating system this year. The new OS will be a “completely re-invented” one with the best features till date. The BlackBerry Messenger will include face-to-face voice calling and screen sharing features. It will also have predictive typing of text and easy transfer of video from phone to television.

    The smartphones and Operating System (OS) will be launched on 30th January.

    [Image: Leaked image on the L-series BlackBerry phone, Image Courtesy: Tinhte.vn]

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    Apple iPhone 5S

    Apple every year launches a new phone. After the launch of iPhone 5 last year. the Cupertino based Company is reportedly working on the next iPhone, which might be called the iPhone 5S. The administrator of the forum iPhone5Part.net, last year posted few images of the rear housing of the iPhone 5S. This new phone will be thinner and will use the next generation ultra-thin IGZO display. According to a report on DigiTimes, Apple is in talks with Sharp over IGZO panel production capacity estimates for 2013. The phone will run the next level of the operating system, the iOS7 and might come this year in Summer.

    [Image: iPhone 5S rear housing: Image courtesy: iPhone5Part.net]

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    Samsung Galaxy S4

    This next generation phones from Samsung riding on the success of Galaxy S3, is expected to feature a 5-inch OLED display (which might be an unbreakable flexible display), full LTE support and a very good 13 megapixel camera, and a great and faster processor and RAM to support the camera. It is also rumored to feature a 2.0 GHz quad-core Exynos 5450 processor which will be faster than the one used on the Nexus 10, according to an earlier report from Tech2.

    According to a news from Geeky-Gadgets, it is expected that the new phone will have unbreakable screen, but we might not see a bendable display screen on the phone. It is however known for some time now that the South Korean is already working on a bendable display screens and if everything works out well about this new technology the S4 might have a bendable screen. The latest buzz says this phone may launch with an S Pen, making it the first handset in the series to boast of that functionality. 

    This phone is expected to be available in two operating system versions- Tizen and Android OS. The phone is rumored to be officially announced in April 2013.

    [Image: Samsung Galaxy S3]

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    LG Optimus G2 

    After the success of the 4G LTE ready Optimus G, LG is reportedly working on the next level of smartphones.

    According to bgr, the company is working on a sequel to the Optimus G that could be released as early as May 2013.

    Last year LG Electronics discussed with its subsidiaries including LG Display and LG Innotek and decided to unveil Optimus G2, with ultra high resolution or full high-definition (HD) display, six months earlier than the previously scheduled launch time in the second half of 2013.

    The Optimus G2 will feature Key Lime Pie, a successor Android version to Jelly Bean, as its mobile operating system. 

    [Image: LG Optimus G]

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    Huawei Ascend D2

    This phone is rumored to be appearing at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas which begins the next week.

    A successor to the Ascend D1, this Android operating system based phone features improved specifications like the HD display screen, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, 13 megapixel camera and a 3000 mAh battery. “The design of the Ascend D2 is said to be inspired from the iPhone 5, while camera on the back appears to be resembling the one on the HTC One X”, says thinkdigit. The leaked images of the Ascend D2 which have come from Ruamei, shows the device in White color. The Ascend D2 was announced this October.

    [Image: Ascend D2 from Ruamei]

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    Huawei Ascend W1

    This awesome four-inch handset powered by a 1.2GHz dual core processor is expected to be launched on 8 January at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas next week.

    The pictures leaked by Unwiredview.com shows the backpanel of the phone with the primary rear camera with LED flash light. This phone will come in multiple colors, like the white, blue, pink and black. This phone will come with a 4 GB storage, 512 MB RAM and an 5 megapixel camera.

    [Image: Huawei Ascend W1 from Unwiredview.com]

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    Huawei Ascend Mate

    For those waiting for a phablet, Huawei brings one this year.

    This phablet will feature a quad core processor clocked at 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM, a 13 megapixel camera and a 4000 mAh battery. The images of the Ascend Mate phablet which has been published by unwiredview, shows this 6.1 inch HD 1080p display screen phone.

    According to the christainpost the company has released an ad which compares a Huawei device to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2's 5.5-inch screen. It is speculated that this ad refers to the 6.1 inch Ascend Mate phablet.

     [Image: Huawei Ascend Mate Phablet from unwiredview]

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    HTC M7 Android

    HTC will be launching the quad-core 1.7 GHz M7 smartphone with full HD 4.7-inch display screen this year. The pixel density (468 ppi) will be much higher than sported by the iPhone 5 says TomsHardware. The display has been called the ultra high resolution SoLux display, which is better than the previous super LCD2 displays.  The phone will be supported by a 2GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. It is not clear whether this phone will have a slot for a microSD card.  There will be a 13 megapixel camera with capability to record videos in high definition. There will be a secondary 2 megapixel front camera in the phone. This phone is expected to run the Android Jelly Bean operating system. This smartphone will feature 4G LTE connectivity, and next-generation Wi-Fi.

    The launch date of the smartphone has yet not been revealed, but the phone this expected to arrive at the Mobile World Congress in February this year.

     [Image: HTC One x]

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    Google-Motorola X-Phone

    Since the time when Google acquired Motorola early in 2012, we have been waiting to see the Google flagship phone and tablet coming from Motorola. But in 2012 the Google Nexus came from other partners like ASUS and LG. This year it is expected that Google will bring the ultimate Android experience with the Google X-phone and X-tablet which will be manufactured by Motorola. According to TalkAndroid Larry Page is said to have told the Motorola team to “think big” and has promised significant funds for the device. Dennis Woodside, Motorola’s chief executive has said that the company is currently “investing in a team and a technology that will do something quite different than the current approaches.” 

    [Image: Motorola Droid Razr]

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    Microsoft’s own Windows Phone

    According to a Wall Street Journal report last November,
    that the Redmond giant is working with component suppliers in Asia to test its own smartphone design.; The news report referred to a person a familiar to the report mentioning “Microsoft's smartphone currently being tested measures between 4 and 5 inches”. DigitalTrends has also confirmed the news in a report saying “Microsoft has been linked with developing its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone, something it has denied in the past despite evidence stacking up to the contrary.”

    Last year Microsoft unveiled an operating system for the mobile phones and tablets, and also launched a surface tablet. It is likely to venture into the mobile phone segment on its own. Though there is no official news on the new phones or Microsoft’s efforts in this direction, we can expect a phone this year.

    [Image: Nokia phone with Windows 8 operating system]

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    Sony Xperia Yuga

    The rumored Sony Yuga will join the Xperia series as Xperia Z, rumors say. The Xperia Z Yuga will also have a 5 inch display screen with similar display resolution. It will run on a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. The Yuga will have a 12 megapixel camera. . It will be a premium model and feature a water/dust resistant chassis. It will be placed at a similar price point as the 4.6 inch Sony Xperia TX.

    According to the latest news the new high end Sony phone- Sony Yuga will be announced on 15th of this month in a press conference. This has been reported by Xperiablog.

     [Image: The speculated Sony Xperia Z and ZL; Image source: Engadget] According to Engadget the Yuga and Odin “have made a premature debut on the Japanese tech giant's site, with a pair of straight-on press shots appearing overnight.”

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    Sony Xperia Odin

    It is speculated that the Sony Odin will be called the Xperia ZL. The Xperia ZL Odin will sport a 5-inch display screen with a display resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. It will have a quad-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2GB of RAM. The Odin will have a 13 megapixel camera.

    This phone might make an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 in Las Vegas

    [Image: The speculated Sony Xperia Z and ZL; Image source: Engadget] According to Engadget the Yuga and Odin “have made a premature debut on the Japanese tech giant's site, with a pair of straight-on press shots appearing overnight.”

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    Intel powered phones

    Intel began its foray into the mobile phones with Lava in India by launching Intel powered smartphones under the XOLO series. The microprocessor company is partnering with more manufacturers to introduce Android smartphones art lower costs. A story which appeared in AndroidOS referring to a report by the Press Trust of India (PTI) said this new smartphone will be coming to the market in mid of the next year 2013. “The first handset with Lava that we launched was a premium one. We learnt that it was important to have a portfolio and offer choice to the user. We will not have entry-level handsets but our smartphone range will be priced upwards of Rs 7, 000,” said Debjani Ghosh, Intel South Asia Managing Director, Sales and Marketing to the PTI.

    Intel has already said that it will demonstrate a range of new mobile devices, including smartphones, convertible computers and ultrabooks powered with the Intel chips at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, 2013. 

    [Image: Lava Xolo mobile phones]

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    Ubuntu powered phones

    Ubuntu reveals its plans for this year and gives the biggest news to the Linux lovers. It will be bringing an Ubuntu mobile operating system. The popular Linux operating system, Ubuntu which is also called one of the safest operating system for desktops will be coming to mobile systems.

    This week Ubuntu website added a countdown timer saying "So close, you can almost touch it".  Today it has announced that it will be coming on mobiles. The post says “Perfectly distilled. Ubuntu on phones at CES.” We can hope that there will be prototype to be seen at the event.

    [Image: Screenshot of Ubuntu website]

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    Facebook phone

    According to news report past one year, Facebook has partnered with HTC to produce a self-branded phone that would launch in mid-2013. A Bloomberg report this year mentioned that people with knowledge of the matter claims the companies were working to release the device by end of this year but then pushed back the deadline to give more time to HTC to work on other devices. This phone will be sporting Facebook own customized operating system. Report published in Bloomberg “Facebook has assembled a team of engineers from Apple and Palm, which has been putting together what the article describes as a ‘modified operating system’ for the device” says Gizmodo.

    [Image: Facebook phone from Facebook Phone group]

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    Micromax Phones

    The domestic smartphone manufacturer Micromax has evolved in 2012 from a ‘low cost mobile phone’ company to a ‘great yet affordable mobile phone’ company.

    The newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer Shubhodip Pal who joined Micromax this year has already announced his plans to launch new and great devices in the market at affordable price points. “The first task is to knock off every sub-brand possible and categorise everything under three simple umbrellas - smartphones, feature phones and tablets”, said Pal in an interview to afaqs.

    We can look forward to new launches from the company this year.

    [Image: Micromax A110 Canvas 2]

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    ZTE Nubia Z5

    ZTE has announced the release of the new Z5 on 26 December last year to compete with Huawei’s Ascend D2 in China’s phablet market.

    The Nubia Z5 will have a 5-inch display screen with 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution, which is awesome. The phablet will run the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on the Qualcomm 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. It will be supported by a 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage.

    This slim phone has a 13 megapixel camera with optics by Konica Minolta.

    [Image: ZTE Nubia Z5 from GizmoChina

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    Google Nexus 4

    One of the best phones launched in year 2012 was the Google Nexus, but it is yet low on availability. The online availability of the phone met with website glitches and is still not available.

    According to internal documents spied by TMoNews, T-Mobile USA is preparing to stock the Nexus 4 at all its stores later this month said InformationWeek.

    The phone comes with a crisp 4.7 inch display with a great screen resolution. The camera sphere technology of the phone is amazing. The phone runs the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. And with this phone Google promises the best Android experience.

    [Image: Google Nexus 4]

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    Nokia Lumia 920 and 820

    For Nokia lovers, the Nokia flagship smartphone with Windows 8 operating system, the Nokia 920 and 820 will be coming to India. Both are expected to be officially landing around the 15th of January in 2013.

    The Nokia 920 boasts a 4.5in HD IPS LCD screen and a 8.7 megapixel Nokia pureview has been called “technically one of the most exciting phones available right now” by trustedreviews. The Lumia 820 has a 4.3 inch display about which Cnet has said “If you're looking for an inexpensive, approachable smartphone with a few more features, the Nokia Lumia 820's $50 price tag is tough to beat.”

    [Image: Nokia Lumia 920]

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    Sony Nexus

    Not much has been rumored about this device, but it is expected that Sony will bring a new handset featuring the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system.

    News which appeared in November in Techradar says “Android 5.0 has popped up on a benchmarking website, apparently running on a Sony-made smartphone… A benchmark result has appeared on the Nenamark site, claiming to show stats from a Sony LT30i – a relation to the Sony Xperia T – running Android 5.0.0.”

    [Image: Sony Xperia T]

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    Amazon Kindle Phone

    “Let’s be clear, there’s going to be an Android powered device that’s roughly the size and shape of a smartphone from Amazon at some point in the near future”, reported Forbes last year in December. The phone which will come from Amazon if expected to be running on the 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon processor with a 1 GB RAM. The phone will have a 4.7 inch display screen and might be available with two storage options of 8 GB and 16 GB.

    [Image: Amazon Kindle Fire tablet]

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