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Meet wearable gadgets from future

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  • Aug 11, 2013, 08:31 AM IST
wearable tech

wearable tech

Wearable technology is going to become the future of the way we use and sport personal tech gadgets. From camera, phones, gaming to flying- every aspect of life where we use technology will see a transformation in the future with wearable and very-very-personal tech.


Google Glass is just one example of how we can communicate via a head-mounted gadget. There are many including personal jet wings that can help re-define flying at the speed of an aeroplane.


In the next pages we explore the various wearable technology gadgets that are going to be a part of our future lives.

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    vibrating bikini
    vibrating bikini

    Smart Fundawear to explore foreplay


    The Durex Fundawear project, brings underwear fixed with vibrating sensors which can be controlled via a mobile app. A partner can simple touch buttons on his or her mobile phone to activate a sensor hidden in other partner’s underwear. The sensor causes vibration giving a sensation of a touch on the body part. It is “a project about transferring touch across vast distances and that’s really a first globally” informs Ben Moir, technical director of the project.


    For those who are staying away from their partners, this project is an effort of Durex Australia touching. This new-age underwear will let one touch, feel and enjoy foreplay with his or her partner over the Internet.


    You can take a look at the video Durex Fundawear--Touch over the Internet here.


    Special undies explore new way to have sex over Internet

    69 positions from Kama Sutra in a 3D mobile app!

    7 best Bikini games for Android phones

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    Smartwatch with voice calling, camera, GPS and more


    On one side smartphones are growing in screen size from 2.5 inches to 6 inches now. But the technology in a smartphone is reading itself to come in more mini form like a smartwatch. No doubt smartphone and computer biggies are interests in this segment.


    Startups like Martian, Pebble and big shots like Sony, Nike, Apple are planning ways to revolutionize your wrist watch to more than a mere time telling gadget. The NextGen watch, a "smartwatch" will connect to your smartphone to enable you to chat, send text messages, and do many other interesting things. This is casting an end to the age of the very popular and common analog wristwatch, which is hardly 150 year old and beginning at the way we use a leather strap on our wrist.


    Next voice-calling revolution will unfold on our wrist

    What’s on your wrist- Apple, Sony, Samsung, Google, Pebble or...

    Bihar youth group to bring smartphone experience to your wrist

    Tim Cook interested in Ben Cook! Here’s what is cooking

    A watch that lets you access messages, emails, music playlist and more

    A Smartwatch that responds to your voice
    Priced at Rs 6,299, Sony SmartWatch to enter India end-June

    Sony brings water-proof Android smartwatch that connects to TV, wireless headsets and more

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    Cat ear
    Cat ear

    Cat ears that respond to your emotions


    Ever imagined if some artificial ears can respond to your emotions by flopping down when you are sad and standing up when you are excited. A company called NeuroSky has introduced artificial ears at the last day of International Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES), that can reflect and react to your mood. These ears flop down when you are sad or are feeling bored, when you are excited they wiggle around and when you are concentrating they stand up showing that you are alert.


    These cat-ears are actually research-grade bio-sensor instruments measure brainwave EEG and heartbeat ECG signals to entertain, relax, detect, heal, and exercise the most vital of our organs.


    OMG! These ears will respond to your emotions

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    Bluetooth locket
    Bluetooth locket

    Lockets and more spy gadgets


    Bluetooth are common and are seen being used mostly by people who drive as a means to communicate without the effort of putting the phone to the ear.  The same technology is also being in wearable Bluetooth gadgets, also called spy gadgets, like those that are currently available in market to help students cheat in exams.


    The image shows a Bluetooth neckloop that can connect to earpiece or hearing aid wirelessly and help students via cellphone communication. Another device which comes in form of a Bluetooth mobile locket, that one can wear around the neck. This connects to a very small spy earpiece in the ear.


    Cheap gadgets available in market to help cheating in exams, will govt. do something?

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    Talking shoes
    Talking shoes

    Shoes that do talking while walking

    This year Google partnered with artist Zach Lieberman and YesYesNo to create what it calls Talking Shoes, a "smart sneaker with personality that talks back and can connect the wearer’s activity to the web, if the wearer chooses to." Watch the video released by Google.


    This is not the only ‘smart shoes’ we can talk about today.


    GTX Corp has developed GPS Smart shoes that can send you a text message if the wearer has wandered out of a predetermined area (that was set by you). You can trace the exact location of the wearer on a website. The shoes which are up for sale right now are helpful tool for those with Alzheimer's, Dementia and their caregivers.


    Apple is also readying for  Smart shoes. According to a report in Discovery, one of Apple’s recent patent application is about Smart shoes.


    And now, Google unveils 'Talking Shoes'

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    Future Glasses
    Future Glasses

    New age Glasses


    Google Glasses are the new technology from Google which is a head mounted gear, reading to come up for sale by the end of this year.


    The Glass contains a small computer, a tiny battery, a camera and a wireless connection. They offer a display which can be controlled using eyes, simple voice and finger commands. One can shoot image and videos, send tweets and also broadcast using these new glasses.


    Apart from Google, the Recon Jet head mount technology product is also on you platter of choice. These were unveiled at the Google’s conference, these are connected, standalone computing solution comparable in capability to a tablet or smartphone. They deliver information instantly, effortlessly and unobtrusively via a microcomputer and high-resolution widescreen display. The display is mounted on a precision-engineered, fashionable pair of sunglasses. The Recon Jet includes a dual core processor, dedicated graphics, Wi-Fi, ANT+, Bluetooth, GPS, HD camera, and a comprehensive suite of sensors.


    Not only this the technology is also going to come to contact lenses in the future. A team of researchers have developed a “transparent, highly conductive, and stretchy mix of graphene and silver nanowires” with a  light-emitting diode mounted on it.


    Google Glass technology comes to contact lens

    Porn app complies with Google Glass policies, remains banned

    Google Glass will take virtual sex to next level, Porn app coming soon

    Google Glass: Terrible battery, gives headache yet good technology

    Google Glass has got a competitor, it's Recon Jet sunglasses

    Patent documents reveal how Google Glass will work

    Confirmed: Google Glass mounted computers are coming

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    head mounted camera
    head mounted camera

    Hands free mobile connected video cam


    Hands free hands-free mobile-connected video cam, like Looxcie HD video cam can be mounted on the head easily. With full 1080p recording and built-in Wi-Fi, the camera captures razor-sharp video and can simultaneously share a live video stream with friends and family. Users can create their own personal broadcasting network, with the ability to start either a public broadcast for anyone to watch or a private stream for only invited friends


    When users aren’t streaming, the camera’s unique Instant Clip button lets people capture “instant replay” clips of what just happened. Clips can be immediately viewed, edited and shared with the Looxcie companion app.  It connects wirelessly to smartphones or tablets running iOS (5.0 or higher) or Android (2.3.3 or higher), users can stream a broadcast or share video clips from virtually anywhere.

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    Personal Jet wings to make you fly


    Though the only man flying with personal jet-propelled wings, swiss pilot Yves Rossy attempts to re-define flying. Rossy has developed a personal jet-propelled wing which can be tied to his body and take him on a flight over the clouds at the speed at which airplanes fly.


    With wings that measures 6.5 feet across and are powered by four JetCat P200 turbines of 22 kilograms thrust each to push him, he can stay in air for a longer time. His flying suit can today achieve an average speed is 124 mph. As fuel the wings use a Mix of kerosene and 5 percent of turbine oil for lubrification.


    He recently made a public debut in the USA at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, where he will fly from July 29th to Aug 4th. Watch a video here.


    This JetMan has shown the world how personal jet could be an answer to flying and reaching distances, how man can fly easily in the future.


    Fitted with personal Jet wings, JetMan flies over US, New Zealand


    [Image source: JetMan.com]

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